What do you do when girls assume you are a player because of your good looks but you are not and confuse girls because you don't like to sleep with them after only 2 dates but are still interested?

It's not that these girls think you're a player. These sound like slutty girls. They're used to sleeping with guys they haven't been dating for long. Don't waste your time on them. -DJ Craig Be patient. You are a true "man" because you don't want to rush to have sex, but you still care about the girls. You might be a little shy and uncertain of yourself; or you could be a true nice young man who wants to wait for the right girl at the right time; or a little of both. Regardless, most girls feel the same way you do, even if they don't show it. If a girl blows you off because you don't want to hop in the sack, she is not worthy of YOU. Don't worry about confusing them, they know who is worth it and who isn't. Wait for the right girl that you feel comfortable with and she with you. The quickies never last. Show them that you are still interested, through your actions. Still ask them out, be respectful, act casual, be yourself etc... The ones that blow you off are the ones who lose out.,,just be honest and you'll be pleasantly surprised. (P.S.) A lot of girls think guys "expect it" after 2 dates and they go along with what they think so the guy won't think they are "weird" or "not with it". Be patient and true to yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised!! GOOD LUCK! If girls act that way you're probably just hanging out with the wrong ones. Why not try befriending girls first and then you can go into a relationship... That way you can find out what they're really like and you could also meet other girls through your chick-friends. win-win