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You need to find the cause of the short.

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Q: What do you do when the fuse for the gauges keeps blowing?
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What does the am2 fuse run in a es300 Lexus?

fuse keeps blowing

Your ignition fuse keeps blowing on your 95 grand am?

A fuse that keeps blowing is an indication of a malfunctioning ignition. The ignition may be the culprit or the wiring leading to the ignition may be the problem.

Why do my abs fuse keep blowing?

Obviously, if any fuse keeps blowing there is a serious fault in that circuit.Take it somewhere they can fix it.

Heater blower fuse keeps blowing?

Motor hasseized.

Your 2002 Ford Focus rear defroster keeps blowing the fuse immediately after replacement what can be wrong?

2006 Ford Focus rear defroster keeps blowing the fuse immediately after replacement

Which fuse controls the lights behind the speedometer and gauges on a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant?

I also have this problem. The fuse is in the fuse box under the hood. For sum reason mine keeps blowing out thouge. Check ur fuses under the hood. one of em is blown.

Ac fuse keeps blowing?

Compressor may be locked up.

Why does Ford Fiesta wiper fuse keeps blowing?

Because they have a weak supply in the engine.

Why fuse keeps blowing for injectors?

There is a short in the system somewhere. Check all the wiring.

Chevy 2005 cobalt keeps blowing fuse on power windows?

my Chevy cobalt 2005 keeps blowing the fuse everytime i put my windows up or down i had the door wireing replace a new window motor replaced new switch and it still blows the fuse what can the problem be

What does my fuse keep blowing in my Yukon XL?

There are various reasons why your fuse keeps blowing in your Yukon XL. In most case, it is as a result of overloading and it blows to protect other parts of your Yukon.

I have a 1998 Oldsmobile achieva that keeps blowing one fuse that disables shift lock air conditioner abs cruise control and automatic shifting. Anybody have any ideas?

if it keeps blowing fuses, look for a bare wire going into the fuse panel or a bad ground wire. There is a direct current all the time to keep blowing the fuse.

2002 KIA sportage and the main headlight fuse keeps blowing what could be wrong?

If the main headlight fuse keeps blowing out on a 2002 Kia Sportage, check for a short in the wiring. Also check to make sure there is no moisture in the headlight holder.

What Fuses are for a 2005 s type jaguar?

the fuse is F16 under bonnet fuse box, dont know why keeps blowing?

Fuse keeps blowing when replaced?

There is an overcurrent situation in the circuit, could be a wire shorted to ground.

Why does the ETC fuse keeps blowing on a 2002 Trailblazer?

There is a problem with the Electronic Traction Control (ETC)

Your fuel pump fuse keeps blowing?

You may have a problem in the pump. Take it off and check .

What would cause a turn signal and gauges fuse to blow so often in your 98 3000GT?

Try putting in a bigger fuse. Maybe the reason why your blowing is to much going through such a tiny fuse.

1998 Mercury Mystique ECC Fuse keeps blowing?

Unplug the ECC fuse. If the fuse does not blow, then hook up the ECC. If the fuse blows then the ECC will need to be replaced.

Dodge stratus won't crank and it keeps blowing the pcm fuse also when trying to crank?

could the pcm fuse be blowing because of a short in the air conditioning switch I have seen the starter be the cause of a blown pcm fuse.

Where is the fuse for the gauges in a 2004 Nissan Sentra?

Where is the fuse for the gauges in a 2004 nissan sentra?

What causes a 20 amp fuse to blow when starting a 1992 LeBaron that keeps overheating?

Need to know which 20 Amp fuse is blowing.

94 roadmaster wiper fuse blowing yes I have replaced the motor then the module?

If the fuse keeps blowing then there is a short somewhere in the wiring. The best thing to do is recheck the wiring on the wiper motor, switches, and relays.

1994 tracker that keeps blowing the fuse for the signal lights there is no short anywhere can the switch on the column cause this?

Yes that could be the cause. If you keep blowing a fuse, either you have a short, loose connection, too small a fuse, or the circuit is overloaded.

Clock interior lights cigarette lights fuse keeps blowing on your 91 integra?

Circuit overloaded, short in wiring, or the fuse you are using is not the OEM correct fuse.