What do you do when the guy you love has confessed his love to you and told his friends he loves you but has a phobia when it comes to commitment?

If You Love Him Stick With Him

I too left you a message, but it seems to have disappeared so here "I" go again! LOL

Bipolar is not an easy disease to deal with, but with therapy and good medications there is no reason your boyfriend can't lead a decent lifestyle. I have no doubt he has checked out the Internet re Bipolar. He seems like a decent guy and is fearful he'll hurt you. Bipolar people can have "dips" and become extremely depressed, then in a few hours to a few days spring back up and practically bounce off the walls with joy. Men in particular are bad for not taking their medications on time or at all.

Your boyfriend feels cornered because he can't promise you he won't leave you again. What he sees is he's the one at fault and it's gloom and doom. Some of society are arrogant enough to feel that anyone that is depressed (bipolar, etc.) are weak or crazy (untrue) and I have no doubt your boyfriend is seeing it this way.) Anyone suffering from depression IS NOT WEAK OR CRAZY! 99% of the population can get depressed at times and well over 70% get panic attacks along with depression. There are lot of people walking around out there that are depressed and don't even know it and should be receiving help.

The best thing you can do is hit the Internet and get all the info you possibly can on Bipolar. Then sit down and talk to your boyfriend. Be sure he is seeing a psychologist at least and that he is taking medication for his problem and taking them regularly.

Good luck hon


i think if you love him enogh you should stay with him even if he says he loves you