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You acknowledge and move on.

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Q: What do you do when the woman you love marries another man?
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What happens if a Aquarius woman marries a Scorpio man?

None of this is based on fact. If you love him that is what is important.

What does gold-gigger mean?

A gold-digger is a reference to a woman who dates and/or marries a man only for his money or wealth, not for love.

Writing an email describe a wedding ceremony?

A wedding ceremony is when a pastor marries a man and woman. Most wedding ceremonies are in churches. The man and women give each other vows and state their love for one another and God.

What is a mixed-orientation marriage?

A mixed-orientation marriage is one in which a gay man marries a heterosexual woman, or a lesbian marries a heterosexual man.

What do other Italian-Americans call a man who marries and takes care of a woman with another man's children--derogatory Italian slang term?

Il cornuto?

If an English woman marries a Turkish man does the English woman have to get her blood taken?

What you mean by this question?

What is it called when a man and woman get married and the man is married to another woman?

When a person marries knowing they are already married it is called Bigamy. You should note that the second marriage is invalid and bigamy is a criminal offense.

Could pregnancy keep the woman from loving another man?

no you can still love another man but dont still be in a relationship and still be loving another man!

If blood type A man marries AB woman what will their offspring be?

a boy or a girl.

A married woman in love with another man?

Hmm that is no bueno,but go with your feelings

How does a man reciprocate a woman's love if the woman does not love the man?

A man cannot reciprocate a woman's love if the woman does not love the man. The only thing that a many can do is initiate some love gestures like buying coffee and being friendly to the woman.

How can a man make love to a woman but have a crush on another woman?

If the person Doesn't have the real love on a girl,then only he will seek for other girl.

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