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Be patient, the right friends will come to you!

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How does a 11 year lose 2lbs in one week?

try eating healthier.... and 11?, youre true friends wouldnt care how much you weigh. if they do i would find new friends

What do you do when you lose your passport in a another country?

If you lose it or if it expires you take it again in the country you are, it happened to me and to some other friends also

Should it make you sad when your best friend who is skinnier than you says you are obese?

AnswerI'd be a little more choosy about the friends you pick!sweetie the only reason why they say those stuff is because they are jealous and because you have something they dont but in science that means that youre going to get new friends or maybe youre going to lose weight.dont let it bother you

If you lose weight do you lose breast size?

yess you will lose boob size because the fat that you want to lose starts from the top of youre body and really boobs have heaps of fat in them!

What do earthquakes make?

Earthquakes make destruction!!!!!! They also make people lose their lives, families, and friends!

How do lose stomach weight if youre a kid?

kids usually stay fit by eating healthy and just running around with some friends, like playing tag and stuff. that's what i recoment the best Epicchilla4 : wow. that's pathetic

Im 13 and i weigh 150 pound im 5'2 but i also have some muscle and i very overweight?

if youre 13 you will grow a lot more and maybe lose weight but you have to do daily exercise.

How can addicions ruin your life?

-You can lose relationships with friends and your family -You can lose your job

Does a park ball mask over the original Pokemon ball?

if youre asking if you lose your actual pokeballs in that part, then no

How do you lose weight overnight?

from not eating any food and starving but since your asleep you don't know youre starving

How do you lose a stone in two weeks?

I don't know your starting weight, and I am not a dietician or doctor. But I don't think anyone will tell you that you can lose 14 pounds (one stone) in that short a time and do it in a healthy way. Talk to friends, counselors, or your doctor.

Does smoking crack cocaine cause rapid weight loss?

yes, as it makes you not concentrate on hunger and it increases your metabolism. you also tend to want to move around a lot more so youre burning even more calories with that. though if youre trying to lose weight i would not recommend this method haha :P

Why did my fish lose its scales?

it is starting to die.

What do you do if you lose all your friends?

Re-add your friends, or contact Facebook as they may have a backup of your account before your friends disappeared

Can narcissisists lose friends?

Very quickly and frequently .

Can your periods cause you to feel sick and lose your appetite even when your period hasn't arrived yet?

that could be stress or youre pregnant.

What are some examples of bad sportsmanship?

Whining when you lose or leaving the games when you're starting to lose...

If you move house in sims 2 do the sims lose all their friends?

no you'll still keep your friends but if you delete your sim then you'll lose them............ its true I've done it before and i lost all her friends and I'm only 11

Can you lose custody if you lose your home?

Not if you move to a shelter or stay with relatives/friends. As long as you make sure your kids are safe and cared for you will not lose custody.

If you lose a ps2 game in youre bedroom where is the place you would normally find it?

The last place you left it and if its not there tear your room apart finding it.

Are friends pointless?

Friends are good when you all get along. It is also really nice to have your friends at your side when you need them. But friends can be kind of pointless because of those who aren't as lucky who's friends keep falling out all the time, thinks "why have them as friends if the just fall out?" Also friends are kind of pointless because when we grow and leave school you seem to lose contact with your friends. It is alright if you stay in contact, but when love takes over, that is when your contact with your friends is lost. In a way it all depends on your thoughts about your friends and about yourself with them. So your having your friends could be a good or bad thing.

How does migration affect people?

they lose their culture, friends, family

Who is the shemale in how to lose friends alienate people?

Charlotte Devaney

Who is the shemale in how to lose friends and alienate people?

Charlotte Devaney

A sentence for misapprehension?

Her misapprehension with the situation caused her to lose friends