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What do you do when you and a friend like the same guy but you like him more and don't want her to take him?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-18 16:58:07

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Tell her how you really feel about the guy. Then tell him. Good luck and God Bless:) I think you should ask the kid out and mabey your friend will back away because you know you mean serious buisness about likeing him!

2006-07-18 16:58:07
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What do you do if your best guy friend likes you but you don't like him?

tell him you dont feel the same and you dont want him to get hurt because you cant give him what he wants and that all you can give him is a friendship and nothing more.

What happen if you becomes friend with an gay would he like you?

If you have a gay friend, it means they are attracted to the same sex. If your gay friend is the same sex as you, they may or may not like you as more than a friend.

What do you do if your friend asks you to break up with your friend because he is afraid to he doesn't want to hurt your other friend and you like him but doesn't know if he likes you?

let him no its ok and let her no the truth if you dont feel the same any more she should know

What should you do if your friend and you like the same person?

I think you should follow you heart and decide if you like your friend or this person more!

What do you do if you like your Best friend More than you like your boyfriend?

Then maybe your best friend is the one. Or if you are the same gender, then you need to like your boyfriend more or find someone else.

What if you and your friend like the same person?

me personally i would talk about it with him or her just try and sort things fact i think there might be a chance that me and my friend at school like the same girl so i plan to maybe ask her out soon,which is also good advice if you or your friend just think you like the same person but dont know for sure try getting to him or her first before them,thats what i plan to do but if you dont want to hurt your friend then talk to them it will help

How do you get a friend to stop treating you like you are dating?

If your friend is a dude and your a chick then tell him your not interested in him in that way. If your a dude and your friend is a chick- then do the same. If your both of the sex then- I dont kow what to type.

How do you break up with someone that loves you but you dont feel the same way?

Tell them that you like them, but nothing more than a friend. And that you wish to remain just friends.Hope this helps!!!!!XOXOHailbail

Me and my friend both like the same guy?

I am in the same situation right now and what I am doing is just being a good friend and trying to stay away from the topic and if it comes up I just say what I would say to her as if I dont like him so we can stay friends nomatter what but i dont know if that is the correct thing to do

You think you love your best guy mate but you dont think he feels the same?

That has happened to me and I know you probly dont want to ruin your friend relationship with him but you also have a strong urge to date him.Iwould let him know that you do have feelings for him and you might like him as more then a friend and go from there.I wish you good luck!

A friend that you like more than a friend and she likes you the same way well as her friend says anyway what should i do?

ask them out, the worst that can happen is they say no

You tell a friend that you like her more than a friend and she still treats you like the question had not bothered her but does not lead you on at the same time. how can you know if she likes you?

Answerdo you mean like as a friend or gay like-it really doesnt sound like she does. sorry dudeyou have to make her feel the same by putting her in that position

Does knukles like Amy as a friend?

well they dont talk to each other often but i think they are friends because they are in the same team

How do you tell your friend you have a crush on her without risking the friendship?

I dont think u can, 1. She might already know u like her and obviously does not feel the same or 2. You have hid your true feelings well... In that case; first you have to determine if it is worth risking friendship for the possibility of more. Be more than friends or Lose a friend; which do u want more? Could u lose your friend for the opportunity to be more? if u say no; dont tell her u like her, If u can; pour your heart out to her! u never know, SHE MIGHT FEEL THE SAME, or might have never thought of it cuz girls can be oblivious sometimes...

What did zoey Brooks say to chase in the time capsule?

She said 'I like Chase as more than a friend, and if he were to ever read this then i would be totally embarassed, because i dont think he feels the same way'

You and your friend like the same guy what do you do?

me and my friend like a guy named Mario i love him more than her because i care about him today he got hit with the ball and she said ha ha he deserves it!!!!!!!!!!! who says that. what ever!!! if you like the boy dont give up until he chooses you keep on trying for love but you and your friend got to talk dont fight please and if the boy dosent know you like him try to impress him but remember always be yourself!!!!and never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luck

What happens if your best friend is your enemy's friend too?

I have the same problem but i just dont pay attention to it.

I like dis boy but my friend likes him like crazy and I like him even more and i think he likes her bt he is nice to me and tries to be funny around me bt he does it around her aswell what should i do?

you dont wana ruin your friendship for some guy. Trust me, the guy may seem nice, but all guys are the same. dont fall for his jokes or niceness because ALL guys are the same i garuntee it.

You and your friend both fancy the same lad but he fancies you and not your friend what should you do?

Talk to your friend about it. If they are really your friend they will let you do what you like, but it is the same for you

What if a guy friend says I love you?

if u dont feel the same way then just say that i love you is a big word and that u dont know if u feel the same way yet but u still like them a lot

How do you break up with someone and remain their friend?

tell them you dont have the same feeling that you once did and tell them but i would really like if we can stay friends

What does it mean to have feelings for your best friend but they lead you on to them but they don't feel the same way?

it means they dont want to go out with you they just want to stay friends for a while untill he does get feelings the more time you spend with him/her the more he/she gets feelings and starts to like you

What to do when your best friend like the same girl as you but she only likes you i dont want to lose my friend though?

unless you think you're going to marry this girl, it's probably not worth your friendship.

I really don't no do you think he love me?

i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me

What is a good revenge?

This might not be your question but do the same thing back. For instence my friend told the boy I dont like I like him , so i am gonna tell the guy she likes she likes him.