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She probably is too young so if you both love each other then you can wait another year. You didn't mention how old you are, but if you are under 18 years old I can see her parents concern. They want her to get a good education and experience life and fear she will get pregnant and that happens a lot these days. I don't think it's anything personal with you. If you are at least 16 then you may try going to speak with her parents and see if they will allow you both to go out on the occasional date to a movie or such. It's worth a shot. I think her parents would respect you more if you dressed up (looked at least neat) were respectful and expressed how you felt and that you will follow THEIR rules. You spend time with her at her house with her parents there, until she gains their confidence that a short date like a movie or desert is OK. Be prepared to get to know her parents with the intention of developing their trust in you and your decisions. If you can't be mature don't even begin the relation ship.


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Think about your values, and consider how important are loyalty, honesty, and integrity in a relationship? Talk with your parents and friends, because they will be able to help you think of other important things. Then keep an eye out for these things when you find somebody you like, for example you might like somebody but will decide not to be in a relationship if you value honesty and they lie to you.

i think he is more loved than juilet by his parents... Romeo is growing more independent so their relationship weakens.

As it is because Indian parents think that they are best one to take decisions of their own kid SO they think to order them as they want..... if we compare Indian parents with the foreign parents they usually frustrate their ward and don't give them freedom and liberty to speak and ask for their demands,

because its a alligator why do u think they have a competitve relationship think a little

firstly look at their relationship: from an unbiased point of view, do you think they suit each other? that's a good judgment of character. also, how much do you tell you parents about the bad side of your relationship? often, we complain more about our partners than we do praise. lastly, it's up to you! not them! :)

I dont believe Romeo has a good relationship with his parents. He doesn't seem to care about what they think or how his and Juliets love will affect his family.

because they think they know everythink because they think they know everythink

I think of intimacy, (not to be confused with sex) a closeness or connection 2 people have with each other. The reason being because that's what it is.

i think it is cruel because the parents of china are killing all of the unharmful baby girls, who have done absolutely nothing wrong. But then i think it is good in the other way because the parents don't have to look after too many babies and leave the older children out.!!

I think most of them would because most parents think that teens are to young to have a girl friend because they are still a kid. But some parents think that a kid who is a teen can have a girl friend because they are getting older and turning double digits. But no if two kids like each other their parents will not break it up . Love only happens once in a life time treasure it take care of it let it grow and blossom. You should become a secret couple. Some kids in my class are doing that it is the one way to make sure your parents will not break it up.

I don't think that it is a mutualistic relationship because I don't see how the relationship benefits the bird.

I don't know why his parents split up I just think they got tired of each other. That is how most people get divorced is because they of each other or they were fighting a lot.

Manatees have a symbiotic relationship with barnacle i think.

Because your parents had to think of SOMEthing!

yes they do because when your in a relationship with someone that's just like you its easier for the other to know what they want you don't have to guess or think hard about it and they get along way better you just have to make sure your the right 1 for that other lesbian.

well, if you are mature enough. if you think you are mature enough for a relationship, go ahead. just make sure your parents know and that they can take you to the movies and everything! just be sure that your parents understand and that they know about your relationship, because if they find out, they can get mad at you for lying, but if you tell them, they with it ( probably )

Prove them wrong in areas they think you are weak at. But forgive your parents because they raised you, and improve yourself.

Because if you do not listen to what your mate says they may think that you are not interested in what they feel and may think that you don't like them anymore and the relationship may crash because the mate may have thought that there is no chemistry and may think that you where not meant for each other...

Ask them what they think his qualities and faults are. Ask them what they think is important in a relationship and what you should be learning from dating.

If the other person has an alter ego and they think their all that it will rune your relationship.

I think because it is in there genes, so if there parents were good they might be good... but if there parents were bad they might be bad. I am not good at all, but my dad is though.

Hi. I think that the intimacy of a relationship can be whatever you want it to be. The intimacy of my relationship is how i feel when we see each other or when we are about to see each other. the intimacy could be how you feel around each other.

Be there to support my choice, be available for questions, offer advice WHEN ASKED...set an example of a good relationship with each other.

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