What do you do when you and a girl like each other but she will not go out with you because her parents think she is too young for a relationship?

She probably is too young so if you both love each other then you can wait another year. You didn't mention how old you are, but if you are under 18 years old I can see her parents concern. They want her to get a good education and experience life and fear she will get pregnant and that happens a lot these days. I don't think it's anything personal with you. If you are at least 16 then you may try going to speak with her parents and see if they will allow you both to go out on the occasional date to a movie or such. It's worth a shot. I think her parents would respect you more if you dressed up (looked at least neat) were respectful and expressed how you felt and that you will follow THEIR rules. You spend time with her at her house with her parents there, until she gains their confidence that a short date like a movie or desert is OK. Be prepared to get to know her parents with the intention of developing their trust in you and your decisions. If you can't be mature don't even begin the relation ship.