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if they are a true friend then you should talk and say I'm sorry( even if you haven't done anything wrong ) and say can we put it behind us


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I guess it's possible if you are a really bad best friend...

Because its just that way. If she says something bad to you, fight back! be a brave girl!

no not really because when you fight with your best friends,it just causes a hole drama scene and you are really gonna be the dirt bag at school with rumors spreading around

Yes its sometimes bad, but sometimes she really busy. So I think you should just ask her if she's mad at you and if she is mad at you, just apologize . Don't get in a fight for something stupid and ruin your friendship cause their you're best friend.

It's actually way better then the same gender. If a girl and a guy were best friends they will never fight cause guys and girls don't fight if their best friends. Just don't do what i did. I fell for my best friend of the opposite gender and we went out and now we NEVER talk. So it's really good to have a best friend of the other gender.

It actually depends on how they do it. If it's in a really bad situation, you should ask why they did it. Depending on the answer, you should think about if they really are a best friend. If it's not that bad, you might get over it. Think about it.

The bond and connection between best friends differ from person to person. Only you and your best friend can tell if that bond and connection will be severed/cut due to fighting. If you feel like you are pulling away from your best friend, then it's bad.

Get away from them. A real best friend would not punch you or call you bad names.

I had a a huge fight with my friend if she even was my friend she just used me but I say that if you and your friend had a fight make new friends and if u still feel bad don't feel bad just breathe and calm down

send a letter I think you just say - I'm so sorry this has gotten out of hand and let's just agree to disagree and be friends again. If it's a fight where you really are in the wrong, agknowledge it and say "Sorry if I hurt you"

If your best friend is a true best friend, he/she wouldnt care and overlook it. But if it was a really bad lie and everyone knew and it was going around then he/she might get mad. But if he/she is your best friend then you will make up.

Your bad at spelling! P.S that's not really a person's name!

Whether its young women or young men who get into a bad fight it takes the biggest person of the two to apologize and hopefully the other person will accept. It doesn't really matter if you are right or wrong, but it's about realizing that having a good friend is sort like a marriage where you have to work at it and you will not always agree with each other so you need to 'agree to disagree.' Friendships are hard to find so don't let one bad fight end it.

You really shouldn't make your best friend stop liking someone unless that person's a bad influence on her/him. If they ARE a bad influence, just explain to your friend that he/she is not right for him/her. Make sure she/he knows how you feel about this. Hope this helped

She isn't your best friend. I cant really help coz i don't know how she does or why lol x x

Oh man you are kinda in a bad place right now. The only advice I can give you is to watch your back. They might start talking bad about you, and your best friend might just believe the lies that are thrown her way. Good Luck and best of wishes to you and your true friend.Thanks! I'm in a really bad place. My best friend who is just like me and I don't wanna lose her, asked for the new girl to play.

First of all 2 friends can not share a woman to each others. Not all men do shares what they have to their best friend. If he felt bad for what he did to him, why in God's name he betrayed his best friend. If he is really a good friend, he wouldn't touch his friend's fiancee. He is married and do not have the right to sleep with another woman. He betrayed his wife and his best friend because of his needs. If he really felt bad, he wouldn't do what he did, he could have stop but he didn't. If I am his best friend, I wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore. He is selfish.

Question yourself does that friend really support you? Why did they leave you? If they hear quite bad then, are they really a friend?

it's not really your fault, sometimes you can't really control how you feel, but if you really care for your friend its best not to let it out or do anything terrible about it like still him away. :)

If he/she was your best friend wouldn't treat you bad, my advice, tell them to shut their face and go find a new best friend. worked for me before lovely x

Well first of all, how is she even your best friend if she's treating you so bad? She isn't a very good friend at all then imo. But if you really do see her as your best friend then you should just tell her straight up how she is making you feel. If she is really your best friend she'll stop. If not, then you at least now see that she wasn't really your friend in the first place and that perhaps you shouldn't be friends with someone like that.

Seek the advice of a best friend. I was once in this situation. If your best friend just shruggs, then think about the bad things about his best friend and the good things about him.

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They both are bad. If your best friend cheats on you with your boyfriend, she is a NOT a loyal friend. And if your boyfriend cheats on you, DUMP HIM.

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