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All you have to do is remain quiet and stand by. You've forgotten someone ... the guy! Your friend could try very hard to see this guy on a regular basis, but in many cases, the guy bypasses that girl and looks at her friend. If you're meant to be together you will be. Just sit quietly, chit chat, and let the cards fall where they may. Make sure he gets a good glimpse of you and hears what you have to say in a conversation when out in a crowd. The guy and your friend are not married so he's fair game, but be wise ... never let a man come between a good friendship in a case such as yours. Have patience. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do when you and your friend like the same guy but she liked him before you?
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How do you know if you like your best friend?

If you have liked other people before and know what it feels like and you feel the same way about your best friend then you like them.

What should you do if you and your best friend like the same boy?

Then Tell Your Friend That You Like Him First If She Says She Liked Him First Then Tell Her To BACK OF! Or You Wont Be Her Friend.

What should you do if you liked a guy before your best friend began to like him but she told you that she liked him first?

you shouldn't have to worry about what your best friend says....if she is a true friend and this guy likes you 2 then you guys should go out and yeah she may be jealous but she wont b mad at you forever or just tell her maybe we both liked him at the same time

I like a guy my friend used to like?

The same thing happened to me. I liked the same guy my friend liked. I didn't dare tell her though because she started to like him after I did. I never told her I liked him. After a week she got over him. I told her then and she just said that she was glad I went to her because if I just went out with him (who I don't if he likes me) then she would of thought that I liked him just to annoy her. Now she keeps telling me to ask him out and whenever she talks to him she talks about me. To conclude all I am saying is tell the truth and you and your friend will have a stronger friendship

What should you do if you have a friend that likes the girl you like?

well i have had this happen but him and i waited a week and then decided who the girl liked turns out she hated us both and did not want to go out while another friend and his friend had same prob and deiced to do same thing and she liked only one of them and they got into a fight and ya but just talk with the friend and ask him does he care if one of you gets the girl or not hope this helps :)

Your friend likes the same guy as you do and you liked im for like 2 mnth and you never told your friend and she told you then you confessed and.HELP?

i believe that you can love the same ,because you ain't going out, but if one of you do go out with him then back off.

What do you do if you and your best friend have a crush on the same boy but you liked him first?

It depends on how much you like him. If you can forget about him easy do so now.

What would happen if you told your best friend that you like him?

he could have the same feelings. or he could not. you will never know unless you try. i had the same thing happen. i liked my best friend, he liked me as well. we went out for a couple of monthes, and mutually agreed we are better off just as friends. it wont be the end of the world if he doesnt like you, if your friendship is strong enough it wont hurt it.

I've liked a boy for four years. I don't belong in the same friendship groups as him and he is more like a classmate. But I like him a lot. What to do?

I have answered this exact question before. Just talk to him like a normal guy. Flirt with him, be there for him. Make moves on him. Friend groups dont matter.

What does it mean if you like a girl with the same name as the one you liked before?

Coincidence OR you have amnesia for names OR you like to receive SMS messages that do not confuse your friends OR your wife only allows you to have one girl friend

Your best friend told you who his crush is you were surprised to find out that it is the same girl you like you never told him who you like so should you tell him that you like her to or stay quiet.?

i liked the same guy as my friend and she told me first, i wasnt thinking so i told her i liked him too. she got mad at me a little, but she espesially got mad at me whenever i would talk about him. so my advice is wait it out, and see if he is really obsessed with her. or wait until he asks you who you like

What if you and your friend like the same girl?

this is what happened to me. two of my friends liked the same guy and one of my friends liked him first. she liked him alot and every day in school she would tell us about everything they did together and sshe kept wondering if he liked her back. then my other friend began likeing him way after my first friend did. but she told my friend. we had a notebook that we wrote stuff to each other and she wrote "i think im starting to like dan!!" but she didnt just say guess what? i like him too, because that will get your friend upset. my first friend was upset at my other friend for liking him too, but she got over it. she didnt freak out or get super mad, she was just alittle sad and wondered if my other friend copied her... but i also liked him and i didnt tell my friends. then, i don't know what will happen with you, but it turned out he liked me too, and he asked me out. i said yes, of corse, but my friend was super mad at me because she thought i didnt even like him, since i never told her. so i think it is better to tell your friend, but don't be too happy about it and say it descretly. then in the future one of you will get over him, depending on what happens (my friend got over him and has a boyfriend). i tought it was a huge problem when i frist started to like him, but if you're really friends it will be ok and you will make up.

I like the same girl as my best friend and I need a girl to answer and give you a way to make your friend loose interest in her without trash talking?

you have to know how much does your friend like this girl..i mean you've known your friend "i think" for a very long time, and true friends aren't easy to find, and maybe you liked her after he did maybe because of his talking about her, so she got your attention. but if you liked her before he did or at the same time i guess you just should tell your friend about that, if he really likes her you can't just make him lose interest in her. the girl will just choose between you two she will respond to the one that she likes, so you can't gamble on your friendship, what if she likes your friend, then you can't do anything, and also if she likes you your friend won't blame you.

Why does the guy you liked before whos your friend now hugs you for a long time until you move away from him?

He might like you! Did you confess? If you did then he might share the same feelings. Did you tell anyone? Then they probably told him secretly and he shares the same feelings. good luck with your relationship if it turns out right! :)

What do you do if a boy really likes you but you like him as a friend but not as a boyfriend?

The same thing happened to me. Then i introduced him to someone that was pretty and liked him. they fell in love, and i had no problems left. try it.

Would you feel weird if a boy knew you liked him and he is in the same class and your best friend?


Your best friend and you like the same guy you asked him to call you and now your friend is jealous what do you do?

I think you should be curious about your friend and ask what is wrong and talk about it before it gets big!

What do you do if your friend's crush likes you and you like him too?

If a boy you like who likes you back which your friend happens to like too comes along apologize to your friend and tell her whats going on between you two and if she is a true friend she will except your apology and forgive you. If she says that she hates you say if you were a true friend you would be OK with this and if he liked you you would probably do the same thing. Then you are all set with your new boyfriend and hopefully your true friend!

My friend fancies the same boy as me and its bugging me after all i have liked him for longer and she thinks she will have him as a boyfriends soon any advice?

stop being her friend!

What if you told your guy friend that you liked someone in your class and he is in the same class and keeps asking who do you like repeatedly does that mean he likes her?

No it means he's nosy and wants to know who it is!

How do you break it to your friend that you like the same guy?

I soo know what you're talking about. I've had that happen to me before. =( Just tell your friend that you like the same guy as her. When this happened to me, my friend and I agreed that the both of us won't ask him out or anything until one of us stops liking him.

You like this guy but your friend went out with him will she be mad if i tell her i like him?

If your friend is going out with him, and you tell her you like that same guy, she might get a little jealous. But its not your fault he is cute. Trust me, there is this cute boy in my class, and a lot of girls I know like him. When they told me they liked him, I got jealous, even though im not going out with him.;)

How do you decide between your boyfriend who loves you but you love your best guy friend even though he denies liking you?

Wel I have a friend who is in the same situation and she hung out intell that friend liked her

You and your friend both fancy the same lad but he fancies you and not your friend what should you do?

Talk to your friend about it. If they are really your friend they will let you do what you like, but it is the same for you

What if best friend start to like the same girl?

well, that is a hard one well, that happened to me too, exepted me and my friend liked the same guy. well, you have to find out who the girl likes more. And that will usually tell who she wants if she does not want you, you have to find somebody else