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If you don't trust someone there has to be a reason behind it. Is he a flirt and does he take your feelings into consideration? Has he done something in the past that you are afraid he will do again? Does he cover up his actions with lies? If you question his behavior does he explain without getting upset? Does he treat you with respect? If there is no trust in a relationship than it is time to move on. If you were hurt by him but believe he will not hurt you again the trust will come over time. But if you were hurt by him and did not get everything from him to put your mind at ease than nothing will get you to trust him again and it would be in your best interest to move on from that relationship. Trust is essential to any happy, sound relationship. If you can't restore trust - and that needs to be a joint effort, then it's almost certainly the start of a serious deterioration in the relationship.

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What does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend cheating?

that u dont trust him

What shouldyou do if your boyfriend dont talk to you?

Get a new boyfriend! Relationships are built on communications and trust, without those, there is no future.

Why cant you trust your boyfriend?

You can trust your boyfriend but if hes not trustworthy like if hes cheated on you or somthing or if you think hes doing somothing that you dont know ask him if he lies them hes not trustworthy

My boyfriend is in prison now how do you know if he is writing to other girls?

You May Never Know If Your Boyfriend Is Writing To Other Girls. But If You Trust Him, Then You Shouldnt Worry. If You Dont Trust Him, Try Talking To Him.

How do you gain trust back in boyfriend of 27 years who has cheated?

This is just my opinion, but I dont think I would be able to trust again.

What do you do if your parents dont let you be alone with your boyfriend?

Get used to it and join the club. It'll be awhile, trust me.

Should you believe your boyfriend when he says he cant see you cause his parents dont let him and he is already 16?

Relationships begin with trust. if you can not trust him, why are you in a relationship with him?

How can you trust your boyfriend byhimself with his boys?

You should have full trust for your boyfriend in the first place and if you dont that is kind of sad... if you really need to find out if he is trust worthy or not pull one of his boyz aside and talk to him.. he should be straight up with you. if you dont trust his boyz then ask him to go out with them one night and if he says noe you noe something is up... that is when you get in yo car and fallow him..

How do you trust your boyfriend when he was once unfaithful?

You never really can. You will always have a worry about what his doing. But dont always be on his case.

Why did my boyfriend ask your friend for her number if he dont even have your number?

Hes cheating on you trust me that happen to me before

How do you get a boyfriend when you are 9 years old?

You dont!! Trust me stay away from boys as long as you can and just be a kid

How can you help your boyfriend trust you?

You can tell him the truth, and you can prove to me that you dont lie to him, sneak around on him, and asure him you would never hurt him or cheat on him or lie to him. trust is something that must be earned, im sure he will learn to trust you just dont break his heart. :)

Had a dream your boyfriend ex girlfriend was pregnant?

ok than ur crazy. u dont trust him. u need to brake up or get some trust in him

What do you do when you're best friend thinks you like their ex boyfriend?

then theyre not really your best friend if they dont trust what you say

How can you be sure that your boyfriend will stay loyal to you in this long distance relationship?

Well a big part of a relationship is TRUST. My opinion on that is if you dont have trust then you don't have anything. So if you dont believe that he is going to be faithful then idk.. ;{ --bryc3t--

Why does your boyfriend loves you but doesn't trust you?

he doesent trust you beause hes afraid of commit to you but i dont sugest sleeping with him like other people sex is not the answere. my friend had sex and he dumped her so i dont think sex will do anygood ^^

What is mistrust?

when you dont trust someone you him

How can i steal my sister's boyfriend he is only 17 and i am 21 but i think i love him?

That is your sister! Dont do that, you may think you love him, but what if something happens between you and the boyfriend, then you will loose your sister and the guy. trust me when i say dont do it. You will loose more than you gain.

How do you get your boyfriend to trust you when you never lied or cheated but he wont believe you?

As a male I myself would tell them if you dont believe me that is your problem GOODBYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it okay to cheat so you can make it even?

no. Just tell your girlfriend/boyfriend how upset you are and make sure they trust you but dont cheat on them.

Where can you buy your friend a boyfriend?

A boyfriend is not something you can buy. You have to earn trust to get a boyfriend.

What is a good sentence with the word distrust?

I dont trust him or I dont trust you.

Can you trust a cheating boyfriend?


What has the author William Moore written?

William Moore has written: 'Dont Trust A Fag' 'Dont Trust A Fag. Dont Trust A Fag'

What should you do if you don't trust your boyfriend?

Not be with him, relationships are built on trust