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What do you do when you ex-boyfriend won't talk to you and you still want to be friends?

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April 16, 2010 1:39PM

You didn't really go into much detail, so if he just decided he

won't talk to you for no reason (I doubt that) then tell him he

either sits down and communicates with you or he can hit the road.

I have no doubt you love him, but if he can't be better than this

to you whether you did something to deserve the silent treatment or

not, the future doesn't look very bright if you hang onto this


Improved answer:

That depends on what you mean by friends, if you just want to be

friends to be friends or want to be friends because you still like

him that determines what happens next if you love him still look at

the reason why you two broke up if you can't find one ask him and

then see if it's at all possible to be friends and if it's your

fault apologize to him and see what happens next, i wish good luck

to you

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