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You didn't really go into much detail, so if he just decided he won't talk to you for no reason (I doubt that) then tell him he either sits down and communicates with you or he can hit the road. I have no doubt you love him, but if he can't be better than this to you whether you did something to deserve the silent treatment or not, the future doesn't look very bright if you hang onto this guy.

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That depends on what you mean by friends, if you just want to be friends to be friends or want to be friends because you still like him that determines what happens next if you love him still look at the reason why you two broke up if you can't find one ask him and then see if it's at all possible to be friends and if it's your fault apologize to him and see what happens next, i wish good luck to you

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Why exboyfriend smile with you?

your ex may want to stay friends with you. might be wanting to repair the friendship that was once there.

What if you want to talk to your friends at lunch?

Talk To Them.

What if you were great friends with your x b4 you dated him and want to still be how do you fix that?

Just talk to him. Let him know you still want to be friends, but be sure ONLY friends is what you are conveying. If he declines, the only thing to do is to except it and move on. Never beg.

What should ido when you want your exboyfriend back and he cheated on you and you broke up with him and now he want talk to you?

If he won't talk to you, you should leave him alone. He doesn't owe you anything. You can't make someone like you.

What do you do if your ex wont talk to you but you want to be friends?

Move on. If he does not want to talk to you then you can't be friends. An Ex is An Ex for a reason

What should you do when your exboyfriend and boyfriend are friends but your ex has told you he still has feelings for you If you told your ex you don't have feelings for him should you tell your bf?

Quick answer...yes. Just put yourself in his shoes. If you and his exgirlfriend were best friends and she made advances on him, wouldn't you want to know?

How do you talk and act with an exboyfriend on the phone that you havent heard from in one month and you want to get back together with him but don't want to push him away?

Keep things casual and simple.

What to do when your ex bf has a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend but he hates you and you still want to be friends?

you will try to talk to him and make him undrestand that you just what to be friends with him that's all

Why would your exboyfriend after two years whom you still have feelings for want to talk to you even though he doesn't want you back and is crushing on some other girl?

he doesent want to lose you completely. even though your relationship with him didnt quite satisfy every need or desire. if you can be friends and not give in to temptation; then friendship can work. but when you have a new boyfriend; he may not accept this reationship as easily as expected.

What do you do if you have no friends at school i don't want to talk to someone bout it i just want to get real friends an easy way?

if you want friends you should lisen to his/her conversation and talk to him/her about it it might help

How do I get my exboyfriend to stop hating me He was a great friend and that's what I want us to be?

Well there has to be a reason that he hates you... I suppose you should try apologise for that and try to talk to him more too. I think the best thing to do would be to tell him how you feel; that you want to be friends again even if you aren't dating anymore. But if he really doesn't want to be friends with you then there isn't much you can do. It might even be for the better.

What do you do if your boyfriend broke up with you and now he wont talk to you but you want to be friends?

Leave him alone for a while; go talk to him when hes alone and say "I know we broke up but can we still be friends". Been there done that.

What could you do when a girl says they don't want to see you but you love them?

You could just stay calm, and just be friends. At least if you are friends, you could still talk to her.

How do you talk to your friend?

I talk to my friends in a way that I would want to be talked to.

What should you do if you and your ex-boyfriend made it clear to still be friends but yall dont talk at all anymore because either of you have nothing to talk about?

he doesn't want to hurt your feelings so he pretends to be friends

I really liked this guy but when i told him he said he would just like to be friends that's fine but now he keeps blowing me off but i still want to be friends what should i do?

try talking to his guy friends and maybe he will start to talk to you again....or ask one of his friends to talk to him for you

What can you talk about with your friends?

You should be able to speak to your friends about anything you want to, that is partly why they are there. If you are unsure what you can talk to them about then just ask them a simple question around the subject that you want to talk to them about, this should ease them in to talking about new things. Also the more you talk to your friends the more easy it will be to talk to them about awkward things.

How do you get an ex to be friends?

If you truly want to be friends, then talk to him nicely but don't lead him on.

Does the guy you like still like you if he is still jealous when you talk to your guy friends?

Of course he does! He must do! If he is still jealous when you talk to your guy friends he must not want to share you with anyone! But just tell him that you think he is too overprotective coz he loves you and wants to make you happy so he will probably relax a bit Xxx

What do you do if your girlfriend is still friends with her ex and she sees him and talks to him on the phone?

"friends" okay. "best friends" not okay. talk with them both. voice your discomfort peacefully. Well what I would do is stop being paranoied. It is good to still be friends with your ex's. They were proabably friends before they went out and still want to be friends. If it really bothers you talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel about her talking to her ex. She might get a little mad that you dont trust her unless you really have no reason to trust her. Well I hope it works out. laterz Sit down and talk to them both. I agree they both probably were friends and they still should be. Don't ruin your relationship just because she is talking.

If one of your friends made you and your boyfriend break up about 3 months ago and you still have feelings for him how can you win him back when he is still single?

talk to him all flirty and make him want you

If a marriage is in trouble and he doesn't want to talk to his wife who is best to talk to women on the dating site or his male friends?

Friends, Bro

What should you do your best friends are having fights and you think it is all your fault but you still want to be friends?

u can tell them to stop or talk to eacjh one of them salone to make up bk

When your ex boyfriend does not want to talk to you anymore what do you do and you still like him?

tell him that you wanna talk to him , you wanna be friends , you might think you sound stupid but you wont he would know you care . even if he doesnt wanna talk to you , his lost .

How can i ignor the friends i have?

First, why would you want to ignore your friends?! you do that and then you won't have any friends. If you want to ignore them just don't talk to them and if they try to talk with you don't say anything to them. It's pretty easy to ignore people.