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What do you do when you have met the perfect guy for you but the only reason you are not together is because of his color?


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If you love someone then it shouldn't matter what their race is. Color shouldn't matter in choosing a mate. My niece is married to an Asian man in Brunei and are extremely happy and we're proud to have him in our family. Another friend of mine is black (from Kenya) and married a lovely Swedish woman living in Canada with blond hair and blue eyes. They have 3 beautiful children and have been married 36 years. What you should be more concerned about is his culture, meeting his family, and finding out how women are treated in that culture. You didn't specify what race this person is. If you don't like the way the women are treated in the family (second rate), then this isn't for you! Blood runs deep in families and cultures. You should warn your parents first that this person is not Caucasian, and then ask if you can bring him for dinner with you and let them get to see what he's made of inside and not just what is on the outside. If all goes well, why should you care what other people think!