What do you do when you know your ex boyfriend is making a big mistake on the split?

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2008-07-25 18:52:11
2008-07-25 18:52:11

This is your ex and whether or not you think you may know what is "right" for him it is for him to decide and up to him. His life is not for you to decide as he is your ex and really none of your concern anymore. Its best to stay out of his personal affairs. Here, Here, You got that right, an Ex is an Ex for a reason that shouldn't be forgotten. Forgiven, Yes, forgotten, No. So, live and let live. If he asks for your help and advice, then you can express what you think, but even then you will need to use extreme caution doing so if you want to build a friendship with him rather than just an Ex-relationship with him. Good Luck!

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