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This is your ex and whether or not you think you may know what is "right" for him it is for him to decide and up to him. His life is not for you to decide as he is your ex and really none of your concern anymore. Its best to stay out of his personal affairs. Here, Here, You got that right, an Ex is an Ex for a reason that shouldn't be forgotten. Forgiven, Yes, forgotten, No. So, live and let live. If he asks for your help and advice, then you can express what you think, but even then you will need to use extreme caution doing so if you want to build a friendship with him rather than just an Ex-relationship with him. Good Luck!

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When can you get engaged?

After you know someone well enough to know you're not making a mistake!

What can you do to your boyfriend while making out?

be kind of sweet to him, and you know suck it up. not in a bad way.

How do you know when its time to leave your boyfriend?

When he has no time for you and keeps making excuses not to be with you .. If there's a will there's a way...

How do you know what if your truly in love with if your boyfriend?

U will feel connected and will be able to be around him and be romantic with out making out

What do you know about the job you have applied for?

You should know plenty by conducting research of any particular company before you apply. People who do not do this are making a big mistake.

What if you make a mistake on the food stamp application?

Then you need to contact the office and let them know where you made the mistake.Then you need to contact the office and let them know where you made the mistake.Then you need to contact the office and let them know where you made the mistake.Then you need to contact the office and let them know where you made the mistake.

Does Nadine Coyle have a baby?

nadine coyle is age 23 with her boyfriend mark but she had a baby with her old boyfriend joe it was a baby girl but she had a misscarriage with her she had called her rosie mae. so she has split up with her boyfriend and had move on so yes she has but we at Wikianswers dont know what she did with it

How do I know my boyfriend is a narcissist?

If hes ALWAYS looking in the mirror or making sure he looks good, or can not stop talking about himself.

How do you know if im good at making out?

If you kiss a guy (most likely to be best guy-friend or boyfriend) ask him after if it was good

What if your boyfriend does not know how to be a boyfriend?

Sweetie, if your boyfriend doesn't know how to be a boyfriend, then just let him figure it out or tell him what he needs to do! Step up and be a women!

What is a common mistake in 10 16 into a decimal?

The answer is 0.625. I don't know what the mistake is.

How do you study when making out with boyfriend?

thats quit odd but you have to study first because a boyfriend wont always be their but ur education will always be i know im no help but still or kiss him the study simple as that :)

Who do you know that your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

How do you know if you are takin the right decision by breaking up with your boyfriend?

If you feel you are going to be happier without what he does in your life you are making the right decision

My boyfriend checked my cell and found messages?

If you had things on there that you know were wrong then you are going to have to face the music. Lying and cheating are wrong and when doing so you always get caught. Learn from your behaviour and this mistake.

How do you know your boyfriend like your friend?

1) does he say your friends name "by mistake"2) has he given a stupid excuse as to why he cant hang out with you? 3) when you go on a group date does he ask if "she" is coming?

How do you get your ex-boyfriend to go out with you again?

just tell him that you made a mistake when you broke up with him and (if your sure you won't) it won't happen again. if he broke up with you then i don't know, sorry!

How do you know your boyfriend love you?

You know when your boyfriend loves you when you don't have to ask, you simply know with the ways he shows you.

If your cheating on your bf how do you let him know without making him mad or anything?

There is no way to tell your boyfriend that you are cheating and not making him mad. Just break up with him since you obviously don't care for him.

How do you know if you are the mistake in the family?

There is no such thing.

Did turtle know that sydelle was a mistake?

no, even though she said she knows everything about adults... she didn't know that she was a mistake at all. it was a surprise.

How do you get asked back at again by your ex-boyfriend?

Tell him how you really feel, and let him know that there is still feelings and that you think you should get back together. Don't put all the decision making and deciding on him.

How do you know when the right moment is to kiss your boyfriend?

I don't know cuz i don't have a boyfriend ):

How would you know if your boyfriend are still single?

Your boyfriend can't be single if he is your boyfriend...

You think your boyrfriends hates you completely and it's making you feel horrible and too scared to ask you boyfriend if he does actually hate you?

ask his friends. if he is your boyfriend then chances are he doesn not hate you...or he would not be your know as well as anyone the only way to find out is to ask him.