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What to do? Simple, look for another person you like. There is plenty of people. 6 billion humans. At least half are men or women.

AnswerDeal with reality. There is no sense in wasting your time on someone that has no interest in you. Go about your business and see what happens. You never know it may change. AnswerI think that you should create a friendship with the person. Once you have a strong enough friendship maybe you can take things to the next level. Once you have a good friendship if he isn't willing to take it to the next level then he isn't worth it just stay friends.
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What does it mean to date someone and like someone else?

that your dating someone and you like someone else....

What should you do if you like someone and they like someone else?

Start liking someone else

Do someone else was like Helen Keller?

I think someone else was not like Helen Keller

What did early jazz music sound like?


What do you do when you like someone your friend is dating?

Like someone else.

Boyfriend but you also like someone else what should you do?

i have a boyfriend but like someone else whai should i do

What do you do if you got asked out but like someone else?

Tell the guy you asked out that your sorry but you like someone else.

Is it right to date someone but love someone else?

As long as you genuinely like that someone a little bit, it is OK if you like someone else more. I am going out with someone, but I like someone who is way out of my league.

What if he likes someone else?

If a boy you like likes someone else then tell him you like him, he may change his mind.

How do you know if you might have a chance with your crush who seems to like someone else?

You don't. If he seems to like someone else, he does. Believe it or not, he is not the last guy on earth. You will find someone else, move on.

Like someone who is going out with someone else?

deal with it

If you like someone but he hates you what do you do?

Find someone else.

What do you do when you a boy likes you but you like someone else?

if i were you i would say sorry i really like someone else but we can still be friends.

What does it mean to be someone else in a dream?

You probably want to be someone else. Maybe this dream is trying to tell you that you really are someone else, and you are acting like someone you're not.

I have a crush on a boy and he knows I like him but he has a girlfriend or a crush on someone else and we are just friends how to make him like me?

move on. Say you like someone else and if he shows jealousy then make sure you make it clear you like someone else then you will be unavailable and that will make him/her like you

What do you do when you like someone but they like someone else?

Move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

What if you like someone but they like someone else?

You show him that your better then the other girl

You like a boy but they like someone else what should you do?

Like someone else or talk to him and sooner or later tell him you want him or you think he's cute.

When someone tells you they do not like someone else what does that mean?

When that someone said they did not like someone else you should have asked why they didn't like that person. It is called 'communicating.' If you like the person the other person does not like don't be afraid to say so.

What do you do if your going out with someone but like someone else?

Why are you? Don't - if you can, drop them.

What is the word for someone trying to be like someone else?

a copycat

How do you get someone number that you like with out asking them?

Ask someone else who has it for it.

What do you do if you have your first kiss with your boyfriend but you wanted it with someone else?

Have it with someone else! if you dint like it, it doesn't count :)

How can you tell someone you love them when they like someone else?

Bang em and see if they like it

What to do if you like someone else and this guy asks you out?

Tell him nicely that your sorry but you like someone else, my friend was asked out by a boy when she liked someone else and she kept them hanging for ages and in the end lost him as a friend completely