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Responses people have to such a situation boil down to two:

1. They do not let their feelings grow for him, as they have too much care and respect for their "best friend" - and themselves.

2. They query every friend and forum they can, in the hopes of finding a justification to act on their basest of impulses.

As always, they should remember this - if he can be stole from his current girl friend, he is not worth having, if he can't, then a friendship has been ended for nothing.

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What if you like your bestfriends boyfriend?

Well u just like him but although u like him that ur bestfriends boyfriend so just keep it quiet.

What rhymes with bestfriends?

nothing rhymes with bestfriends because it is so unique you are like sisters you can trust your bestfriends with everything.

What do you do if your best friends ex boyfriend is jealous of my boyfriend?

well if your bestfriends ex boyfriend is jealous of your boyfriend then tell him to get a new girlfriend or make him even more jealous for your frend because I'm pretty sure she would like that

How do you get a boyfriend on Movie Star Planet?

When you click on a boy or girl you meet in chat or in games, it'll say like Ask to be friends or bestfriends and then it'll say become Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

What is Ponyboy's relationship like with Johnny?

they were like bestfriends .

What does it mean if my boyfriend wont hold my hand or stand next to me?

it mean if my boyfriend doesnt hold the hand actually it means only bestfriends

Really athletic build and you are a gymnast you like these two guys and you are not sure if they like you and they are like best friends Is your body holding you back from having a boyfriend?

Well not really, but it's ok to like the two guys even if there bestfriends , but just pick the right guy! Well not really, but it's ok to like the two guys even if there bestfriends , but just pick the right guy!

You like your best friends brother and you think he knows does he like you?

First off if you like your bestfriends brother, you should not be dating your current boyfriend. Second, just because a guy knows you like him, does not mean he has any interest in you. He may not like you at all.

Who does miley like better Selena or demi?

Demi I guess? Because Miley and Demi are bestfriends Selena and Demi aren't bestfriends anymore. :)

What does it mean when a guys tells you he loves you But is not your boyfriend?

Maybe you like him too and he really likes you, but youse arent going out but act like youse are, cause you would like to stay bestfriends, and want to keep it that way ;-) but it can be "iloveyou bye mwah" (-:

Who are sadja bestfriends?

sadja Anderson bestfriends are kevy naomi and shon Taylor

Who is bestfriends in One Direction?

They are all bestfriends. All 5 of them have each others backs.

Why do you have bestfriends?

u have a best friend when u have been with them for years and years and then u be come bestfriends!

How do you tell your boyfriend that his best friend likes you?

Id rather not just ignore his bestfriends because think abiut ut you would never win that argument .

Does Sasuke like naruko?

Yes there bestfriends but there both compettive, but if you look up those two together are.

What does Lady Gaga like and dislike?

Lady loves her bestfriends,Ashley and Emma,and hates rude people.

How can you have your bestfriends get along?

Bestfriends are someone who will always be there for you and not talk behind each othe backs and be nice and stay together forever!

What is bestfriends in Spanish?

Mejores amigos.

What does watt's law states?

Watt's law is discovered Save by lance adrian of consuelo... He discover it by the help of his bestfriends , but they are not actually his bestfriends..

Do kelly rowland an trey songz go to geather?

no , ii dont think so. i think they are like bestfriends.

How to get your boyfriend to like you?

If its your boyfriend he should already like you!

Why do you feel like you lost a best friend when your ex stopped talking to you?

Because you and that person got so close, he was like your bes friend. and usually that's how relationships should be, not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but bestfriends. sharing secrets, hanging out, Things like that can all help a relationship. So losing that special someone , is mostly like losing your best friend.

What can you get your 9 year old boyfriend?

Depends on what kind of 9 year old he is; my little cousin loves zelda and pokémon and then my bestfriends nephew is in love with cars and transformers. Pick between the two.

Is Arab soulja boys family?

no their bestfriends

Did Selena hate Taylor Swift?

They Are Bestfriends

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