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What do you do when you live with your mom and you just met your dad and you want to go live with him but you are scared although it will make you much happier?


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It's very difficult for someone such as yourself to be in this situation. You've been with your mom so there is no longer a mystery there. I am sure she has set household rules, wants you to study, perhaps help with the chores and life seems pretty dull with her around. Well, here is a news flash! Your dad was out of the picture for years while your mother struggled hard to love you and keep you from harms way, not to mention looking after you when you were sick, being sure you get a good education and a roof over your head and food in your stomach. Along comes your father and he's suddenly the hero and right now things with mom are boring, so you think dad will offer you a more fun place to live. If your father had wanted to look after you he could have helped out your mom. It's time for you to sit down with both your parents and ask your father some important questions. Ask him why he wasn't around all those years when you were growing up. Perhaps he does have a good excuse, but I highly doubt it. I am not asking you to hate your father at all and he may be a nice guy, but take it slow and easy and don't be so hard on your mom. Both parents are very important in your life and perhaps while talking to them you could suggest the 3 of you do things together until you get to know him better and then live with mom, visit your dad on some weekends and perhaps some holidays and have the best of both worlds. I think you are a bit confused and you really want to get to know your dad a little at a time, but I doubt you really want to live with him at this point. Hopefully he'll be sure to spend some quality time with you. In the meantime please respect your mother and all she has done for you. Yes, she may have yelled at you, and perhaps sometimes it was unfair, but she had a big load of responsibilities on her shoulders and the biggest one was raising you. It appears from the sound of your post she did a very good job raising you. You must have heard of Hurricane Katrina, well think of this ... many kids lost one or both of their parents in that terrible natural disaster, so feel very, very lucky you have a mother that loves you with all of her heart, and a father that wants to get to know you. Good luck Marcy


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