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Many of us must face the truth and some rejection through life and this guy has made it very clear to you to move on. Some men care about women for sex or even sometimes friends. He's either very honest or he's playing games. Either way you lose. It's time to move on. Move on..because he didn't say he loves you..which means he probably doesn't..Guys usually say what they mean so don't look beyond what he said.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-19 22:36:22
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Q: What do you do when you love someone who acts like they love you but tells you they don't and tells you to move on?
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What do you do if your boyfriend acts like you dont excist?

if he acts like you dont excist then dumb him hes not worth it! you want a guy that wants and acts like he wants you and that you do excist.

What do you say when someone tells you they like you?

simply tell them how you feel! when i find out someone likes me and i like them back, i get super excited! if you like them back, tell them. and if you dont' break it to tem nicely :)

What does it mean when your best friend of the opposite text tells you he loves you then acts like normal?

It might mean that he is a two-timer or has someone else.

How do you know if your boyfriend has feelings for someone else?

Well, you should really pay attention on the way he acts when he is with you and compare it to how he acts when he is with someone else. That give you a litttle way to find that out. And if you know he really doesnt like you, just tell him, "Heyy, youre acting like you dont like me anymore and i dont want to be wasting yours and my time".

How do you act like you like someone?

if you dont like someone dont try to like someone. but if you need to then just picture them as someone you do like, and act like it is that person.

How do you know someone is cheating on you?

you know that when he/she acts differently,if lots of people start telling you that. if they dont call you or txt you like they always do

What does it mean when a boy acts like he likes you but tells someone else he like them?

that means hes just flirting with you but he really has feelings for someone else. hes most likely single and is livng the single life , most people who are single do a whole lot of flirting so dont think what hes doing is anymore than it actually is.

What is an enemy or rival?

someone who you dont like or dont like you..

How does the brain like someone?

The brain will know if you like someone or not. Your instances tells your brain.

What if he acts like he likes you?

if he acts like he likes you dont do anything unless you feel the same way start dating with him and get married.

How do you get someone to think you dont like a person?

tell him/her you dont like that person

What is a creator archetype?

Someone who acts like a creator

How do i know if my ex is still in love with me or over me he acts like he still does but sometimes he acts like he dont?

You by how he looks at you if he smiles, and his actions around you.

What if a girl acts like she likes you and she is dating someone else?

if she acts like she likes you ask her . if she says no then she is jus flirting with you.

A guy doesn't like you but he acts like it?

If he acts like he likes you, and doesn't admit it, it's probably just denial. They just dont want you knowing that they like you. I know this guy that acts like he likes me, but totally denys it.

How can you tell if someone doesnt like you anymore?

Yeah right................... when a guy dont like you no more he makes it obvious if he tells you he doasnt then he doas still if he doasnt then you dont think he doas your first instinct is usally the right one...................its the ugly truth

What do you do when your boyfriend acts like he dont want you but doesnt want anyone else to have you?

tell him that if he really wants you that he should show it or else your going to leave him for someone else

What does malu mean in English?

someone who acts like a fool

What is being played?

It means someone acts like they like you and you believe it but they really don't like you.

Why do you get wegies?

because someone dont like you...

How do you react when someone tells you they like you?

if you like them too act suprised but not run away !

Is the nucleus the most important cellular organelle?

yes because it acts like a brain and tells the body what to do

When someone tells you they dont like someone else do they trust you?

no not nessicerily because some people don't care who knows who they do and don't like but others do so it depends on the personality Answer You have to wonder what they tell others about you when you're not around. Trust comes through over time.

How do you know someone is a gay?

you see if the are hanging out with too much of the same sex. if a boy acts like a girl and a girl acts like a boy.

What does it mean if a guy friend acts like he likes you then does that someone else and still acts like that with you?

just say that i know you like me but, you cant act like that with other girls if we go out