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What do you do when you love your best friends boyfriend?

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Well if you love him first make sure you really do love him and see yourself and him together then i know it may sound bizaare but tell your best friend. if she truly is your mate then she'll understand i mean course she'll know why you love him she's going out with him after all. if your m8 says that shes ok with it just show your affection to the boy a little at a time not making it obviouse you love him otherwise he'll get uncomfortable with you and not want to spend time with you. WARNING: DO NOT MAKE BEST FRIENDS WITH HIM i have done it before and he'll only think of you as that.!!!!!!! if he likes you back and it is REALLY obviouse then tell your m8 what you think. if she thinks he likes you better then she will either be really defencive and hate you or understand and break up with him. if at any time through this process they break up make your move after all first come first served!! AND GUYS YES DESPITE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK IT IS WORTH LOSING YOUR BEST FRIEND OVER!! best friends come and go but a good lad is hard to find!!!

oh and to everyone I LOVE MATT

Well the thing to do is you really care about your bma but you love her bf go up and tell him i have been slitting myself wiith a pair of sissors because a boy that is my bma's bf i love and i am scared my bma will hate me i am going up to him on Mon and saying look i love you so face it choose me or her

2009-11-13 21:54:12
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What happens if you fall in love with your best friends ex boyfriend?


Would platonic love be considered closer to being best friends or being boyfriend and girlfriend?

Platonic love is nonsexual love between friends.

How do you get with your friends boyfriend?

you cant love is love

What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

I'm in love with my ex-best friends boyfriend and she reallly loves him help.?

then uh..... un-love him ??

How do you tell your best friends boyfriend to back off of you?

Tell him you are not interested in him, and if you were, you would not see him, out of love and loyalty for your best friend.

How do you choose your boyfriend or your best guy friend that is in love with you?

Choose the one that you really like/love , you can still be friends with the other one .

What should you have boyfriend or best friends?

Best friends they are always gonna be there for you

Who do you believe your Boyfriend who you love for three months or your best friends?

Your friends that have been with you th longest u can never go wrong with them :P

What do you do if you fancy your best friends boyfriend?

your friends boyfriend will breakup with your friend, and your friend will get mad at you.

Does my ex-boyfriend still like me after I broke up with him?

Yes he's jealous of your new boyfriend who is one of his best friends ! -Love Yourself

Is it okay to love youe best friends boyfriend?

yes.. till she/he dont mind.. or till you dont reveal..:)

What is a good song for shouting at your best friends ex boyfriend?

mr know it all this is not love jasmin v

What do you if you are in love with your best friends boyfriend and he likes you to?

Don't go there! He is going out with your best friend. But then maybe you to belong together as you both are lying to her.

Why do Best Friends and Friends not to see there Boyfriend?

Your question is incoherent.

What do you do if you like your best friends boyfriend and she likes your boyfriend?

switch boyfriends.

How do you tell your best friend you like her boyfriend?

You don't. You never pursue your best friends boyfriend . (:

How many pages does Best Friends in Love have?

Best Friends in Love has 176 pages.

What is the ISBN of Best Friends in Love?

The ISBN of Best Friends in Love is 978-1853405730.

What should you do when you have a boyfriend and none of your friends like him?

Your happiness is all that matters. If your friends don't appreciate the fact that you've got a boyfriend that you love their not proper friends.

What does it mean when your boyfriend just wants to be friends?

it means that your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore or your boyfriend started to fall in love with another girl. wot a shame

Can you boyfriend be your best friend?

Sure! make sure you still have other best friends, but sure! My boyfriend is my best friend

When was Best Friends in Love created?

Best Friends in Love was created on 1999-08-26.

What if you like your best friends boyfriend?

If you like your best friends boyfriend, I recommend staying away from them. Don't spend so much time around him, and hang around other boys with things that are similar to the things you find attractive or interesting in your best friends boyfriend.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but your best friend tells you he loves u and u love your best friend more do u break up with your boyfriend or just tell your best friend u cant be with them?

you tell your boyfriend that you don't feel that you are meant to be together that you feel that you and him will still be friends but that the relationship was not what you wanted.