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There's little you can do. . the ball is in her court. If she makes it clear she's interested, tell her you'd like to date her when she ends her current relationship. If she's not interested, don't show your hurt to her. It will be easier for you to accept that she doesn't share your feelings if you give yourself some space from her and hang out with other people. Try to go and meet other girls who are single.

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Is a girl bicurious if she isn't sexually attracted to girls but would give a relationship with another girl a go?

if your wantin to experiment then i dont think its bicurious

What do you call a girl whose attracted to another girl?


What is it called if you are a girl and attracted to another girl?

Lesbian or homosexual.

Is there any straight girl here who wants to have a relationship with another straight girl?

If you are are talking about a romantic relationship, the answer is no. By definition, a straight girl does not want a romantic relationship with another girl.

For what thing a girl get attracted more?

I think more physical.

Can a boy be in love with a girl and sexually attracted to another girl?

Depends if you're boyfriend is a hussy or not!

Would it be weird to fly to another city to see a girl without telling her?

It is not completely weird to fly to another city to see a girl without telling her. It really depends on the girl. Some girls may think it is romantic, others may get overwhelmed if they are not looking for a relationship. Another Answer I think her reaction depends on what kind of relationship the two of you have. In you are already in a close relationship with each other, it would not be weird at all. As mentioned above, it would also depend on the girl.

What does it mean when a girl tells another girl she wants to f you?

It means she is sexually attracted to you and she wants to have sex with you.

How come when girlskissgirls they enjoy it?

It depends on the girl. If The girl is Lesbian or bisexual she would enjoy kissing a girl because she is attracted to her. A "bi- curious" or questioning girl will enjoy to kiss another girl because that is something she always wanted to try or do. Be intimate with another female. STRAIGHT WOMEN WILL NOT ENJOY KISSING ANOTHER GIRL IF SHE IS NOT BI CURIOUS because she is not attracted to women.

Am a girl that's looking for another girl?

If you feel attracted to only girls and find that you are no longer interested in men than you are a lesbien. If you feel attracted to men and woman that you are bisexual. If you are attracted to only men than you are straight.

What do you do if you think your girlfriend is a lesbian?

If you are dating a girl and you do not think she is attracted to you (whether or not this is due to her being lesbian or just not being into you), it is best to either discuss with her why she does not find you attractive so that you can work on it, or decide to move on. The first choice takes a lot more courage than dumping her and seeking a new partner, and only you can decide if she is worth that effort. If after asking her why she is not sexually attracted to you, she reveals that she is a lesbian, then you will need to move on to another relationship.

What is a serious relationship with a girl?

When you think that the relationship might go somewhere someday.

What do boys think about girls in their relationship?

they think about how the girl is carry herself

If you are a girl and attracted to girls are you gay?

your a lesbian if your a girl and attracted to girls

Are you lesbian if you like guys and girls?

"Lesbian" is a term used to identify a girl that is sexually attracted to another girl. If you are sexually attracted to both sexes (boys as well as girls), then you would be bisexual - someone who is sexually attracted to boys andgirls.

What do you do when you like a guy and he likes you back but he's stuck in another relationship?

He's not a great person. If you were that girl, than your boyfriend is telling another girl that he likes them, so think about it. It's basically like cheating!

Who sings i think I'm on another world with you?

The Only Ones, from the song 'Another Girl, Another Planet' "I think I'm on another world with you, I'm on another planet with you, another girl, another planet, another girl, another planet".

Who are Virgo girl attracted to?

She attracted to Scorpio !!!!

Is Eduardo Surita single or in a relationship?

I heared he is in a relationship with a girl in facebook i think her name is vanessa jimenez but i think he is cheating on her :/

If a girl sits on a guys lap and plays with his hair-does this mean their attracted to one another?

It doesn't necessarily mean he is attracted or interested in her but she is seemingly interested in him.

How do you improve a relationship with a girl if your 13 years old and she is 12 years old and she is lesbian and she likes boys?

You do understand that a lesbian is a girl who is attracted to other girls right?

How can a girl be a attracted to man?

A girl can be attracted to a guy in just about any way possible. There is no limit to the ways 2 people can be attracted.

Is it bad to make out with a girl but not be attracted to her?

If the girl does not know that you are not attracted to her, it is bad to make out with the girl. You could end up hurting her feelings if she is attracted to you and thinks that you feel the same.

How do you get your ex to like you again when he's gone gay?

If your ex-boyfriend is gay (and not bisexual), then he is only attracted to males and thus he was never attracted to you physically. I understand that this can be extremely painful to read and that you may be in denial over it, but to get better you must first accept that it is true. He was never attracted to you and will never be attracted to you. If he is bisexual, then the answer is the same for if he left you for another girl instead of another guy. You need to find out what wrong with your relationship and show that you are willing to fix it with a grand gesture. If he does not respond, then you have to accept that and move on.

Is a girl gay if she takes showers with another girl?

Not that doesn't mean she gay. She is only gay if she's sexually attracted to other girls.