What do you do when you tell your boyfriend you love him and he doesn't say it back and does it mean he doesn't love you?

this doesn't mean you're boyfriend doesn't love you. there are many possibilities for what he's feeling. some guys are afraid of commitment, some are afraid to say i love you ... it's complex. but dont worry if he didn't say it quite yet. maybe he's just not ready. give it time. loving relationships take time. ~Zosia If he doesn't say i love you back don't get upset or anxious. Men are not like women. As women we can say how we feel when we feel on the other hand, men sometimes are caught off guard and are often dumbstruck when it is said. Don't be angry, give it time. But my advice- don't be the first to say it again. No matter how you really want to say it. Don't be quick to initiate love for sometimes as women when we do we immediately think alot of things and out of our thoughts start to judge and believe it or not conjure thoughts that we think he is not even having. Take your time. True love doesn't get angry, or puffed up. No one falls in true love, but one grows in true love