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Well you should tell someone about it and then tell the police too. They could help you and maybe protect you from him Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline toll free at 1-800-799-7233, or the website for guidance and assistance. If you believe you are in immediate danger call 911 for emergency assistance. Please be advised internet and phone usage can be easily monitored.

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Q: What do you do when you want a divorce from an emotionally abusive husband who threatens to kill your kids and kill you if you try to leave with the kid you had together?
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Does any one know how to get rid of abusive husband?

Divorce him and if he threatens or attacks you, then call the police

My husband is verbally abusive?

If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

If a woman has 3 affairs because her husband was emotionally abusive is it justified?

No. Infidelity is morally wrong on all grounds. Shoulda just got a divorce.

What to do with an abusive husband?

divorce him

Is the divorce process simple?

No, the divorce process is not simple. Divorce is a lengthy process, which costs a lot of money, and is often messy and emotionally draining.

Can you write down your husband has been abusive to you on the divorce forms or do you have to write the corespondent has been abusive to you?

It does not matter. They are the same thing.

Why did Keith sweat and Lisa Wu hartwell divorce?

Abusive relationships

Why did macho man randy savage and miss elizabeth get a divorce?

He was abusive.

How can you keep your husband who is seeking a divorce from letting his emotionally and physically abusive sister from seeing your children when he has visitation?

I dont personally know but you can try and seek supervised visitation, I may sson be looking this up due to my disgusting Mother-In-Law

What do you do if your spouse is a control and abusive husband?

You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

Can you get a divorce if you still live together in Colorado?

Yes, you can live together and still get a divorce.

Why did Steinbeck and gwyn conger divorce?

Because John Steinbeck was a horrible, abusive husband to her.

What is the best age for your children if you want to divorce their emotionally abusive father?

AnswerNo matter what age children are it is hard for them when their parents divorce. Even if they are 50 years old. But if you and your husband are already thinking of getting a divorce then things must be pretty tough right now. Just be sure that when you do decide to get a divorce just let them know that it is not their fault.AnswerAny age is appropriate, as long as you get out of there as soon as you possibly can.A bit more:If your husband is emotionally abusive to the kids or to you, you need to get out now. To remain in a marriage and subject the children to any form of abuse will cause far, far more damage to them from coming from a broken home. Actually, in this particular situation, I would consider it a "broken home" - I would consider it mending their home life.Growing up with an abusive parent (verbally, emotionally, physically,etc.) can cause children many problems, both while young and after they are grown. It can result in them having very poor self-esteem, deep seated anger and resentment, etc., and it can also result in them possibly being emotionally abusive to their own children one day.So please, for yourself and your children, leave your husband now. The longer you stay, the more damage he can cause to all of you.

Would GOD allow a wife to divorce an abusive or disrespectful husband regardless of Jewish law?


Has Christina Aguilera had any problems in her life?

An abusive father and rough childhood, divorce from her husband.

You are filing for divorce but your spouse an you agree to live together till the divorce is final?

when you file for divorce both you and wife are bound to live separately until you both get divorce from the Court. If you and spouse wants to live together and apply divorce the law will not grant divorce to you both as you are willing to live together and the question of divorce does not arise get divorce under any grounds both the parties must live separately.

Can people in abusive marriages seek divorce?

Yes. In all 50 states of the U.S., an individual has the right to seek divorce, especially when it can be shown that abuse has been involved.

How does divorce effect the society?

Divorce affects society by producing children who could suffer from maladjustment due to the break up of their family. On the other hand, the advantage of divorce in society is that abused spouses no longer have to stay in abusive relationships.

What are some possible solutions of divorce?

Sack up and divorce, or stay together.

Implication ff divorce to the children?

Children are affected by divorce emotionally. The process of divorce may affect a child's performance in school and his ability to concentrate in studying. Most children who face parental divorce move to join gangs and drugs to fill that gap left by their parents

What is the Pentecostal belief on divorce?

Pentecostals do not believe in divorce. depends on the particular denomination. there is no pentecostal minister i know who would teach a woman not to divorce her abusive husband..or her husband who cheats..of course first counseling would be encouraged

Did sara divorce undertaker?

She didn't divorce him they are still together today. No, they're not. They ARE divorced.

Did Whitney Houston divorce bobby brown?

Yes, they did get a divorce in 2007. Brown was abusive toward her, plus Houston's family was worried about her escalating drug usage, and they believed Brown was not a good influence on her.

My narcissistic ex has become extrememly verbally emotionally abusive to my teenage sons since our divorce a year ago How can you get the courts to finally take this seriously?

talk to a lawyer immediately document, tape record and keep METICULOUS records of each incident, date & time and what is said. do NOT tell him you are doing this.

Can you get a divorce if you still live together in Indiana?

Yes, there are no laws in Indiana that state couples cannot be living together when they file for a divorce. There is also no time limit of being separated before you file for a divorce.

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