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What do you do when your boyfriend makes you choose between him or your friends?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-28 20:55:22

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If your friends are a good lot and not always into trouble, then you have on your hands a "control freak!" This is not good news for you and will only get worse. This is the first sign of abusive behavior in men (women can also be abusive in this manner.) Run!

2006-07-28 20:55:22
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Q: What do you do when your boyfriend makes you choose between him or your friends?
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Should you believe your friends if they tell you something your boyfriend did?

it depend on how well you trust your friends and your boyfriend. everyone makes mistakes ..x

Why girl choose their boyfriend popular?

Becouse it makes the girl even more popular

What if you have a boyfriend and his friend like you and you choose your boyfriend and then the other friend break you'll up?

confused are you? Choose the one that makes you happy because if he isn't mr perfect then whats the point

You have the best friends and best boyfriend but your boyfriend doesnt like your friends and they dont like your boyfriend should you break up with your boyfriend or stop the friendship?

i think that you need to talk it out or ask why they don't like them and if you think hes the rite one then go on with the relationship so i hope this helped and good luck.. I think that you should go with your instincts! If they were really your friends they would support what ever decision you make and if this boy is really in to you he will too.. I think that you shouldn't stop either. If they are the best friends and best boyfriend then neither of them will make you choose to stop being with the other. Friends should just want what makes you happy and the same goes for the boyfriend. If you honestly and utterly HAVE to stop anything; stop the relationship because friendship and your friends are more important than anything.You definatly need to talk to both of them...find out what it is exactly that they dont like about eachother..if they really are the best boyfriend and friends they'll respect decisision. You shuldnt have to choose between them..and if they really care about you they wont make you feel like you have to choose. If its absalutly impossible to work things out...and this all depends on how old you are and how commited you are in the relashinship. obviously if your in love with the guy and its a serious relashinship...think seriously about ending itMiZ bLoNdE

What happens if the boyfriend leaves the home he and his girl friend own what are the girl friends rights?

that makes no sence

None of your friends like your boyfriend and they all say hes mean should you break up with him?

Heck nooooo!! Who cares what your friends think. My friends didnt like my boyfriend either but i didnt care. If they are really your friends and care about you they will let you be with whoever makes you happy. Unless hes mean to you but just talk to your boyfriend if he is really being mean to them.

Who needs a boyfriend on Facebook?

Uh... me?? My friends are always talking about some guy and it makes me feel out of place. And why do you ask?

You love your boyfriend of 2 years but he isn't the perfect guy but your ex is and you can tell him everything but who do you choose?

I would choose my ex because if he makes me happy then i will go out with my ex instead.

You know that being jelous of the girls your boyfriend talks to is a turn-off but you cant help it please help me to not be jealous?

I would suggest that you talk to your boyfriend about how you feel. Chances are, he is just friends with these girls. If it makes you more comfortable, you can be with your boyfriend while he is talking to his friends. Hope this helps!

Why would your girlfriend be joulues of your friends?

Because he sees his friends more then her and it makes her feel alone and makes her think that he doesn't love her or of he choose his friend more then her she can get sad because she loves him so much.

What do you think of becoming friends with benefits with a boyfriend where the breakup was mutual because you were going away to college?

what ever makes you happy.

What to do when your boyfriend makes you cry?

if your boyfriend makes you cry you should brake up with him

What do you do when your best friend makes-out with your boyfriend?

Best friends don't do that to their friends. She is not your friend and I would tell her this. Find a better friend. I know it hurts, but sometimes you are left with no choice and this is one of them.

Me and my friends were talking at the mall then my boyfriend came and I madeout with him for a long time why are are friends mad at me?

Why do you think?! You just made out with your boyfriend right in front of your friends!! They don't want to see that!! And you just forgot about your friends and did...that! And your friends were probably embarrassed-who makes out at the mall? In front of everyone?! It's kind of awkward. If you want to make out, do that privately. I can't believe I just answered that question. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww don't do it in the mall

Is something wrong with me if I don't have a boyfriend and am in Year 12 and all my friends do which makes me feel left out and lonely sometimes?

We are sure there is nothing wrong with you. You and your friends will fall in and out of relationships with various men throughout your lives. You may get a boyfriend at a time when your friends don't have one, and vice-versa. It is complety normal not to have a boyfriend. Do not stress, single life is great. Cherish every moment of it. Good Luck! - TrustworthyOnes

Why do you feel weird or shy around your friend your best friends boyfriend?

probably becausee it makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust me i have been there :L

What to do if your boyfriend makes friend with another girl?

Don't be jealous, she is only his friend. After all: You can meet boys and be friends with them without being their girlfriend.

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People choose doctors based upon recommendations from friends and family, and how comfortable the doctor makes them feel. People may choose a specialist based upon a referral from their general doctor.

You are 13 and you need some guy help you have never had a boyfriend and all your friends are mainly guys?

It is ok to not have a boyfriend. You should take your time and find someone that makes you the happiest person in the world! Good Luck!

What to do if your boyfriend makes you nervous?

If you're boyfriend makes you nervous, try talking to him about what he does that makes you nervous. If he just makes you nervous in general, then I would reconsider the relationship as a whole.

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What makes friends friends?


How can a nine year old girl get a nine year old boyfriend?

she makes friends with the boy then she plays with him so one day they talk then he or she says i love you

How a girl wants her boyfriend?

A girl wants a boyfriend to say he loves her by the way he treats her, in private and in public. A boyfriend who tells her by his actions more than his words. A boyfriend who shows her respect when with friends or family, in the presence of strangers, and especially when they're alone when no one else is watching. She will know that he loves her because he makes her feel good about herself.

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