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Double and triple check your firing order.

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Q: What do you do when your car will not start after you replace the distributor?
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Related questions

Why would a car not start when its raining?

i would replace the distributor cap it is probly cracked

If a 93 Integra won't start is it because of an electrical problem?

I had the same problem. Check all of your spark plugs, if they smell like gas they are burned out. You should replace your spark plugs and check your distibutor, not the distributor cap. If that turns out to be the problem replace the distributor, distributor cap, and the rotor. If you turn the key to start the car, but nothing happpens, the starter's bad. If the car turns over but doesn't fire up, then the igniter/coil in the distributor might have gone bad.

What can you do if the car doesn't start on a rainy cold day?

Probably old or defective ignition wiring. Replace spark plug and distributor wires.

Your car got a little flooded the lights and dash still come on but the engine wont start what does this mean?

Water in the in distributor cap. Replace it.

Changed the spark wires spark plugs and distributor cap now car will crank but not start?

Check/replace Rotor Check for spark at plugs

How much should it cost approxmately to replace a car distributor for a 1996 Chrysler sebring?

The part itself for that distributor $1000.00

How do you replace the distributor core on a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant?

Buy a new car.

Car wont start after car wash?

Probably got some water in the distributor.

Why would 2001 cadillac sts start then die start again then die then finally start?

Because you need a new car jajajajaja. Jk. Could be the distributor. Because you need a new car jajajajaja. Jk. Could be the distributor.

No power from distributor to spark plugs?

My 93 camry has no power from the distributor to the spark plugs. The car unable to start.

Why while testing spark plugs on 1999 Chrysler Cirrus you take one plug wire out put back in and then the car dies and will not restart Changed all plugs wires and distributor cap but will not start?

For some reason when you take a plug wire off while the car is running it blows the control module built into the distributor. You will have to replace the whole distributor to fix. I have had this happen twice on my 96 Cirrus.

How do you change distributor cap on Honda civic 93?

Unplug the wires going into the distributor cap, be sure you know which wire goes to which terminal or your car will not start if they are wrong. Remove the 3 bolts that hold the plastic cap to the metal distributor. Put the new cap back on, replace the bolts, and plug the wires into the appropriate terminal.

How do you replace a distributor?

what sort of car and how many cylinders 1994 mazda626 6cyl

Car will not stay running after rain?

Replace the spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.

Would a loose distributor cause your car to not start?

Yes, a loose distributor can rotate so that the ignition timing for the engine is lost.

What problem can occur if you have a problem with your distributor cap?

the car will most likely not start

What can be the problem of a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500 will not start even though spark plugs coil and distributor replaced and there is no spark?

Is it a brand new distributor ? If not then replace the module and pick-up coil in the distributor that you have.

Why would a 1999 Honda Accord not start when it is raining?

Replace your distributor cap, it probably has a crack in it.

How much should it cost approximately to replace a car distributor on a volkswagen polo?

As much as you want it to cost

How to replace ignition coil on 94 Camry?

The coil is inside the distributor so we are going to pull it. First, remove the distributor cap. There is a bolt at the top that is easy to see and one at the bottom of the distributor that you can't see but remove both and the distributor should now be loose and ready to be removed. There is an electrical connector on the right side of the distributor that needs to be disconnected also. Note the position of the rotor, 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock, etc. You will need that to reposition the distributor when you reassemble everything. Pull the distributor out and be careful to keep the rubber gasket and keep it in good shape. Turn the distributor upside down and you will see the coil. Buy a new one first so you will know exactly what you are looking for. Four screws hold it in and two nuts hold on the wire. Replace the coil and reassemble being careful to put the rubber gasket on carefully. If it is the coil that is bad, the car will turn over and try to start but there will be now spark AT ALL. It will not fire but it will continue to turn over. It seems these go out when you shut the car off or as soon as you try to start the car.

What would a car do when trying to start if distributor cap is broken my car has weird chugging sound when trying to start whants to start but doesnt?

If the dist cap is broken, electricity takes the path of least resistance so and will follow the cracks and jump onto the block instead of following the paths of the wires. Thsi is why you are getting so much misfire. Replace the cap.....

Car has been parked for a while now motor shakes the whole car?

replace spark plugs or check under distributor cap for moistore

How do you change the ignition coil on a chrysler Sebring with the 2.5?

You have to replace the distributor assembly.You have to replace the distributor assembly.

What happen when the distributor start start to fail on 2000 mercury villager?

The car doesn't run right, that's what happens.

Why wont my car start 85 zx non turbo i pulled out the distributor to replace the coolant tube and i put the distributor back in and the car wont start no help please?

cylinder identification sensor in wrong position bring up number one and point rotor front edge at number one eletrode 1 ,3 ,5 should be parallel with body line pointing toward radiator