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He/She is curious about you or he/she likes you back!

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What does it mean if your crush says he doesn't like you but he stares at you?

It really depends - he could be embarrassed and does like you but doesn't want to admit it or he is not interested in you as you are with him and when he is looking at you is just aware where you are and knows you like him.

What does it mean when your crush stares at you?

It means either they like you or he/she knows you like him/her and just want to know if your looking at him/her. I always stare when when I know a guy likes me... But that doesn't always mean I like them back.

A guy you like knows you like him and he always stares at you in class and sometimes smiles does that mean he likes you?

in some point he might like you or he might be also interest in you because he knows that you like him. but if he smiles at you and always stares, yes, he likes you

Your crush says he doesn't like you but he kinda stares at you I do not knowwhy?

well, he might like you.... or they is just curious if you like them..

What do you do when your crush knows you like him?

if your crush knows you like them AND they like you back then you can gradually talk about dating them. if they have said they dont like you back then dont bring it up again

What does it mean when a boy knows you like him stares at you and whispers to his friends about you?

It means he likes you back, or he knows you like him, so he tells his friend.

When do you know your crush hates you?

If he stares at you when you are not looking, then you catch his eye, he doesn't look away, he just stares at you and doesn't smile. You might think he likes you, but the thing there is that he KNOWS you like him. And well.... he's friends probably told him that you like him, and every time you pass next to him, he gives you a dirty look because he's friends make jokes of you and him and stuff! DON'T CRUSH A DIRTY LOOKER!

Your crush knows you like him now he stares at you but you asked him out on the phone and he said yes but then he said he doesn't like you whats wrong with him?

he finds your personality appealing, but he just doesn't think you're attractive. sorry you had to find out this way.

Does he like me I have this crush on this guy and he knows I like him he won't look at me in places where I can see him but at choir concerts he stares at me until I catch him?

I had the same problem. But I had my friend ask him if he liked me, and he did. So yes, he probably likes you. If not, just forget about him.

What does it mean when your crush stares at you but ignores you can it mean that he likes you?

They may have feelings but is shy and knows that your confident and there for ignores you since he knows he doesn't know what to say.

How can you tell if your crush knows you like them?

your crush knows you like them cuz you might act weird in front of them or as some people say the more you anoy them the more you like them

Does a guy like you if he stares at you everyday but never talks to you?

He might like you or have a crush on you or maybe he just has staring problems.

What does it mean when the boy you like stares at you?

He probably likes you too or knows that you like him and is trying to get a reaction out of you.

What does it mean when your crush stares at you to mouch?

Well if your crush stares at you to much it means they are always thinking about you and they like you but their to scared to tell you but wait for them to tell you because if you tell a crush you like them they will say they have a girlfriend/boyfriend but they keep staring at you which probably means they like you but they didn't want to tell you the truth and that they probably either regret rejecting you or they feel srry for rejecting you or they are starting to like you knowing that you like them

My foster carer Tony knows I have crush on him why do he say I was acting like he is my boyfriend?

Because he knows you have a crush on him, and you probably show it more than you realize.

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