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What do you do when your ex says he still loves you and wants you back?

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February 26, 2011 5:11PM

It depends on a lot of things such as: the reason you all broke

up in the first place, how long you've been broken up, and if

either of you all are currently in relationship with someone


There's a reason for everything, so make sure you consider those

questions above before you give your ex an answer.



This is a very difficult question. It depends on what happened

in the relationship to begin with. This has just recently happened

to me. My "ex" told me he wanted me back after I broke up with him.

I also wanted him back. He was scared of getting broken again. But

when you fight hard enough anything can happen. Now we are together

and our relationship is stronger then ever. If you chose to take

this person back make sure you want them back also. Don't jump into

anything your not sure about. If you need to think tell this person

you need time. And If they love you enough that person will



Exes are exes for a reason, he is most probably lonely and

realises what a bad mistake losing you was. If what he did in the

first place is unforgivable, don't even consider getting back with

him. But if you feel that there could be something there, then yes,

why not.

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Don't go back out with him because things will still be the

same. Nothing will really change; trust me, not unless you're still

truly in love with him. He just wants you back to use you. There

are millions of guys out there, if he leaves you.

Forget him, you'll find someone much better.

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Those are both true, but not always correct. My father broke up

with my Mother, and he dated a bunch of other girls until she

started dating. That is when he realized that he made a huge

mistake and still loved her. They have been happily married for 27

years. It won't ever be the same carefree relationship you had

before. It's completely up to you. Do you still love him? Do you

never want to see him again? When you answer these questions, then

you will have your answer. But if you still like them and you feel

that you could make it work I suggest you take another chance, but

it all depends on if you still love him. If you also still feel

something for him, then why not. Really the only thing that you can

do is ask yourself if you miss him. And if not, then don't even

think of going back to him. It wouldn't be worth the pain you once

went through. So it just comes down to if you miss him go back to

him. If you don't, then forget him and move on with your life. You

have the rest of your life to find a guy who you truly love and

truly want to be with. Also think about whether or not it was a

healthy relationship. You shouldn't get back if you never were

happy with him or if he was abusive, whether physically or

verbally. But if it was just you were having small issues, then you

should see a marriage counsellor if you want to get back together

and find out how to get along. All you have to do is move on! You

have to know how you feel about him; do you still love him too?

Think about how things might go if you get back together and ask

him why does he love you? What are the things that make him love

you or is it just for sex? You need to know what you want; if he

was the one who stuffed up then you should make up your mind if you

want him or move on. You should first decide if you feel the same

way and then think about why you two broke up in the first place.

It really depends on if you still feel anything for your ex.

If you do, and you think that there might be a chance for the

relationship, then go ahead and give it another chance. If you

think about it than you should give him one more chance and if he

screws it up then move on. You should honestly just follow your

heart this is your decision and no one can really decide what you

should do but you. While we were dating he always said he loved me

with all his heart and we were gonna get married some day, and we

talked about our future non-stop. But he kissed another girl one

time and I broke up with him, but he still wants me back even

though its been 2 years. I still love him with all my heart. He

talks to other girls, to get me off his mind he says. and i would

probably date him again if i didn't have a boyfriend. But all in

all, it really depends on the reason you guys broke up. Never go

back to an ex if they've treated you awfully or physically abused

you. I've had it and now mine is being a total moron and denying it

all First of all if he's abused you in any way never go back. Now

if he wants you back and you still love him go back, if you don't

then tell him you don't feel the same way and to leave you


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It depends on many factors: - the reason why you parted - if you

still love him - if you want him back... If it is my decision to

part and I don't wanna be with this guy, nothing can make me be

with him again. If I love him and our parting was just a mistake,

why not accepting the man you love back? Though in some cases it's

good to get on his nerves a bit and refuse at first - so that it

could not happen again. Okay; this happened to me too. I was dating

this guy and my ex- boyfriend told me he still loved me and wanted

to get back together. I told my best friend immediately, and she

helped me get through it. She really helped me out; she told me to

compare which one treated me better; which one talked to me more;

which one was completely comfortable around me; and that helped me

make a decision. I verbally abused my ex. I miss the good times,

the companionship, her pampering me. But I got nothing going on in

my life and were really unhappy and fought most of the time. Life

is short, this love feeling will pass. You just gotta hold onto the

emotional bars for dear life and weather out the storm. Time

doesn't heal wounds, knowledge heals wounds. The more you know,

hear and understand, the better you'll know that you're better off

without him/her.

Think: Do you really want to go back that way.

Once your on track it's hard to go back. You never know. What broke

you guys up in the first place might just happen again.

Look back:

If you look back at the relationship, think of the good things

that it brought to your life and how enjoyable it was. Then think

of the not so great, heartbreaking, and horrible things that it has

brought upon your life. Which one overrides the other? If the bad

takes over it's most likely not a good idea to go back. You

shouldn't live with someone who will make you miserable for more

than half your life.

Think again:

Are you sure that person is the one? You think they are perfect,

but could there be better? Can you see yourself together for life?

A bond and a commitment? Think ahead not just in the present or

past. Remember, you might think you've found the perfect one. But,

there are more fish in the sea than you think there are. You just

have to find the right one.

I wouldn't go back with the ex if things didn't work out the

first time then they wouldn't work out the second time. Sometimes

it does work but other times it doesn't.

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Obviously he did something to make you guys break up right. He

probably realized he's an idiot and wants you back. Second chances

don't really matter because the truth is people never change. They

might stop doing something for a while but they'll always go back

to their ways. It's honestly not worth it because, chances are,

he's going to hurt you. Again!!

The questions that you need to ask are: 1. Do you want him back?

2. Do you still love him? 3. Do you think he will hurt you


OK I am a guy that has had a lot of bad relationships I think

that almost every relationship I have been has ended with either

having to deal with my girlfriends ex and of course they want to

fight because they think they still rule her and I don't know why

but they're always at their ex's side. In my most recent

relationship we had been going out for about 6 months and the ex

starts calling her again and I told her not to talk to him or I

would leave. I had that stuff happen to me too many times to have

it happen again. They all say they still want to be with me "but

they would rather be with there ex". But of course they don't say

that and I have come to realise that I will never get back with

them. Because it will never work if it didn't work the first



This exact thing happened to me. This may sound unhealthy or

something, but when we broke up, I found someone else. My ex

eventually found out and got jealous. He started talking to me and

being very nice to me again. But I found out he didn't actually

want ME, he just wanted a girlfriend. So I say DON'T FALL FOR IT!

You may just get hurt all over again.

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You should first ask yourself if you still love him. And

before telling yourself that you do, make him prove to you that he

wants to be with you. If he's willing to prove it and he isn't

afraid to show you that he has changed, then you should give him

another chance. This happened with me and an ex and now we're

Married and have great communication skills.

Well, think about it and also think about why you two brokeup..

was what he did too strong for you to continue, or can you give him

another chance. But before make sure that he isn't lying and that

it comes from the heart!

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It really depends on a lot of factors. The feelings you have for

him, think to whether the relationship was worth it. He is your ex

for a reason, so something obviously went wrong in the

relationship. Think to yourself, could the same thing go wrong

again? Am I willing to risk it? Was the relationship good for you,

good for your time, good for your heart? Was he worth your love?

Think of the good things about him and the bad things too. See if

the good things are worth going through the bad things, if the good

times you had are good enough to overrule the bad times. Whatever

your situation may be, don't stoop yourself to a low level, don't

get yourself back in a relationship that you don't want to be in, a

relationship that isn't worth it, or one that you know isn't good

for you. Make the right decision.


This is a very difficult dilemma you're in as of right now. My

ex wants me back as well, after I dumped him. It seems as if he

only wants me so he doesn't get teased by his friends and wants to

be popular by being the boyfriend of quote: 'one of the most

beautiful, smartest, awesome' girls in the school. I am just

ignoring his attempts. But it depends on what he did and how he

acts. Can you tell that he really means it when he says he loves

you? And is what he did to cause the breakup forgivable. And the

last but not least, actually, most vital questions are, do you want

him back? Do you still love him? Will you both be able to put love

into your relationship again. Have faith in yourself and whatever

decision you make!

Heres my little intake.

Well thats a very hard choice to make, if you still like him,

give him another chance but make sure it is not a mess about and

you are both serious about going into a relationship, things like

this can end in disaster.

Another point of view.

If you really like him you should go back with him. Whatever

happens don't listen to your friends that pressure you for doing

something wrong. It happend to me, I went back with him three

times. It was good but then I got bored.

Ask yourself questions: Do you believe that a mature

relationship and commited needs understanding of what one really

feels and want going into the relationship? Do you feel honestly

confident in your partner as a commited and self confident

individual? Has your partner ever lived alone without a partner

very long? Could your partner also be seeking a security for the

sake of not being alone? Does your "partner" need or want? Does

your partner and yourself really honestly know what you want? Do

you feel that allowing" that behavior will allow him to continue

similar patterns in the relationship if you accept that behavior

and "take him back"? Start with those questions.


I had something like this happen to me. Think about why you

broke up and see if it's worth it. Usually if you break up once, it

will happen again. The boy that I really liked cheated on me and a

year later he wouldn't leave me alone and said he wanted me back

and still loves me and always has. I don't think that the hurt is

worth it personally and you will find someone else. I'm sorry

you're going through this.


My ex and I got together in 2006 then broke up 11 months after

in 2007, we were apart until he unexpectedly come back in 2008 and

we got back together, he didnt change at all so we broke it off.

Its 2010 now and we still talk and we've both changed and its going

much better now and although we are not together at present time,

we still like each other and still have feelings for each other. If

my ex and I work again one day, it will probably be the best

decision I made because I stood by him through all his other

relationships while we were not together and we trust each other

and talk a lot more easily now.


Do what your heart tells you, ask your friends and talk about


Me and my boyfriend haven't been together very long but the

story of how we got here is amazing. We met in high school and were

on and off for 2 years then the last year we got together broke up

after a week, then started meeting up and talking about me and him.

We were talking about how i was scared of getting hurt and stuff.

I'm glad we are together now cause were closer then ever. Just

remember that if you can't go a day without thinking about him

after going out, then you miss him. If you want him get him, if not

don't. But believe me its worth it if you do.

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