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well first you should ask them why. if they tell you something that you did wrong, then you should try to fix it. say ok if she wants a break from you. the same thing happened to me but i wanted to take a break. it actually turned out good. we are still friends but now we have a TON more just from not hanging out with each other ALL the time in school. we started to talk to more people.


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How can you tell your friend you want a friendship break?

you say, "We don't have a connection, and I just can't be your friend anymore.

How do you get your boyfriend to break you with you?

Say 'I want to break up with you'. If you really don't want to say it and you're sure you won't want him again then embarrass him in front of his friends or get your friend to flirt with him, and maybe kiss him... then say you saw him. It's kinda harsh so your better saying it strait out.

How do you get out of the friend zone with a guy?

If your trying to break up with him you can say that he's a really nice guy but you don't want to be with him.

You want to tell your friend you don't want to be their bridesmaid?

say you have something else to do or you could pretend to break your leg or a bone in your body trust me it worked for me :)

How do you say 'friend' in Arabic?

Friend : if you want to say that this girl is my friend you say : sadeekaty ,, written : صديقتي if you want to say that this boy is my friend you say : sadeke ,, written : صديقي Friends ( Plural ) : asdekae'ee ,, written as : أصدقائي

What to do if you are dating someone that you really don't want to be dating but he is too nice to break up and you don't want to break his heart?

just say look i really like you, but just as a friend. your really nice and caring but, i think that we should just be friends. sorry. Whatever you say it will still break his heart.

How do you say to a friend i want be her friend again after an argument?

say I just became that way that I didn't want to ruin our friendship

Why do men say they want to be friends?

Men say that because they want an easy way to say that they want to break up!

How do you say i want to break up in spanish?

Quiero que nos separemos. It means I want us to break up, or I want to break up.

Want to get back ex boy friend back as he got a new gal friend after break up?

i want my ex boyfriend back in my life now he got a new girl friend after the break up please help me..

How do you say in spanish what you and your friend want to do?

"What you and your friend want to do" is literally "Lo que mi amigo y yo queremos hacer." If you want to say "My friend and I want to... " that would be "Mi amigo y yo queremos..."

How do you break up with your boyfriend when you don't want to?

Go to him and say "As bad as I don't want to, I have to break up with you".

How can you say no to a friend if they want you to do something that you agreed to at first but now you do not want to do it?

break it to them lightly don't just say no! if it was something that they really wanted to do you better have a good story behind you to get you out of the situation like its my girlfriend birthday and i have to go. and don't forget to say SORRY

When you break up with someone why do they get to say no if they want?

They don't get to say no, its not their choice.

What to do when you want to say no to a boy asking you out?

You say, "Sorry,I think that when we break up it would break are friendship too."

How do you say my soul friend?

I need to know what language you want to say it in before I can answer the question. Please say what language you want to say it in.

Is it correct to say we want to be your friend?

"We want to be your friends" seems better.

What do I say when I really don't like my friend?

if you want to be my friend be more nice

How do you break up friendships?

well i dont know why you would want to break up a friendship but just tell them. tell them you dont want to be their friend anymore

How do you get your friend to break up with her boyfriend?

You cannot get someone to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they will do it if and when they are ready. why would you want her to break up with her boyfriend anyway?

Does David Archuleta want a friend?

Of course he wants a friend. "No man is an island," as they say.

What do you do when your best friend is a lesbian and she ask you out?

You be honest... If you want to, you say yes, if not, you say no.

What do you do after you hit a friend when their being mean?

if you want them to still be your friend then just say that your sorry that i hit you and than say the reason why your sorry and say are we still friends or if you don't want them to be your friend then don't talk to him/her and just wait until they say something to you then you have the choice to say something back or don't

How do i break up with my girlfriend who i love and loves me?

If you love her don't break up with her. If you still love her and want to break up, just say something like i still love you then explain why you want to break up. If you dont love her anymore, just say that ive lost those feelings for you and i want to break up. you dont have to explain anything else if you dont want to

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