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You find another girlfriend. Only if you were with the girl at time of conception. What if it was one of those things like most young men, who find out that their girlfriend is pregnant, and they leave her. Not her fault. If you love her, stay with her, she is going to need a support system throughout pregnancy.


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You are jealous wen your girlfriend talks to another guy because you are insecure.

No. Human males do not have the ability to become pregnant.

No men are not equipped to become pregnant.

That you are either a saint or an idiot if you stick around. Sorry to be so blunt, but REALLY!

It depends on how much he likes his girlfriend. The guy can not like his girlfriend at all, thus he will like another girl.

yeah he did have a girlfriend but when he died his girlfriend was dating another guy

Sandy moves to Florida because she doesn't want to marry Sodapop, and she got pregnant with another guy

beat the other guy up FIRST then break up with your girlfriend

Something must have driven her to the other guy.

The worst thing a guy can do to hurt his girlfriend is by taking her off his phone number then dumping her then flirt with another girlfriend!

it means that you are worried that she will or jealous of her talking to and flirting with another guy

no unless she was recently ejaculated into by a guy, you might get a STD but not pregnant

I do not understand why you ask this...first talk to your girlfriend and try to get as many things has you can out of her to see if she does really like another guy. If she does break up with her right then and there.

it means that the guy or girl is with another guy or girl at the same time that they are with you

HiTherePal's Answer: It would be preferable that if a guy's girlfriend is pregnant, the guy should love her girlfriend. The girlfriend is going through some really painful stuff now, and she needs the guy to be with her to help her out, you know what i'm saying ;P? Some random dude's answer... oF CouRse nOt, altHoUgh it's really BeTTer if YoU caRe For HEr

if you really mean she like another guy .. she is not "your" girl.. do everything you are scared of.. leave her and get to other girls..

lie to him that u saw his girlfriend kissing another guy.

A guy who got another girl pregnant while he was trying to get back together with an ex is not worth having. Forget him and find someone else.

yes easy just blast her with nasty things about the guy

She looks more at the guy than you. Check her phone.

hEY MEANS dump her!!! SHE is having a affair with another guy or doen'st love you anymore

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