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It should be a joint decision. Both of you need to agree otherwise the trust issues grow. Yes, the woman is the one carrying the baby, but the man is expected to be a part of it's life and a one-sided decision is going to alienate him from you and the baby. If he can't accept it right now, give him time. Maybe he'll change his mind later, but maybe he won't so don't expect everything to be the way YOU want it. Marriage means compromise. He must have a personal reason for not wanting another mans sperm in your body and having a baby by someone else. Does he also feel the same about adoption? What about using the sperm of a family member so the genes are similar? It is a personal issue, if he is unable to produce sperm, then there has to be some compromise, but don't force the issue. Seek counseling for this, he may not know how to translate his feelings on this issue. A 3rd party who is unbiased may be able to help you reach a compromise. My husband and I have been married for 3 1/2 years. In the beginning I knew he had a vasectomy and when I asked him whether he would have it reversed he stated if I met the right women. And I also asked if that didn't work would he adopt and he said yes. Well he had the reversal and now its been three years and no baby. He was very against going to a fertility expert but broke down and did go after he told me he doesn't want to raise someone else's bastard kid. The fertility expert said there are no sperm living anymore its closed over. He then talked about donor sperm and my husband asked a lot of questions ( which got my hopes up ). He know says again he doesn't want to raise someone else's kid. I explained it will be ours not someone else's. I love children so much this is hurting me but I don't know what else to do and need help. It hurts when his sisters and sisters in law say that they are pregnant. A part of me feels lied to and wants out of the marriage but I do love him and his family so much that it also hurts me inside but all I want to do is cry.

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Q: What do you do when your husband doesn't want to use donor sperm and you do?
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What to do if husband is against using donor sperm?

If there is a medical reason why your husband can not participate in intercourse then their are medical procedures in which you can get his sperm, if he has had a Vasectomy, you could always take the option of surrogacy. Of course, being in a relationship, you might want to discuss your husband's reasons why he is against using donor sperm. If you are unable to discuss the matter with him or he with you, you might want to reconsider bringing a child into a potentially dysfunctional situation. I'm sorry if that seems harsh; sometimes there is no way to soft a direct response, and the child would have no say in how his life begins.

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Unless your husband is totally 100% behind this method of conception, then it would not be right. You are only considering yourself and what you want. You are not taking his concerns into account. You're setting yourself up for an unhappy marriage. The idea of having a friend act as a sperm donor is probably not the best choice either. It would be better to have an anonymous donor so that you don't have the friend turning up at your door every birthday and Christmas bearing gifts for his "son". This would further rub salt in your husband's wounds.

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All About Being a Sperm Donor?

Anonymous sperm donations is when a man donates sperm to a sperm bank to help a woman or a couple become pregnant. The terms of these clinics mean that the donor will not have contact with the woman or couple who use his donation and will not be provided with information about any resulting child. While the process of anonymous sperm donation sounds simple, there are many initial requirements and tests that need to be performed before a potential sperm donor can become a paid donor. Guidelines for Being a Donor While every sperm bank will have individual requirements, there are some universal guidelines that common in the industry for all sperm donors. If you are between the ages of 18-44, not adopted and have no significant conditions or illnesses, you may be considered eligible for becoming a sperm donor. Other general requirements for sperm donation include a family history that is clear of genetic diseases. Sperm banks may also want you to commit to a six-month minimum timeframe, with lab donations of 4-8 times per month. Once eligibility is determined, a candidate may come in for an initial appointment where an extensive medical history of the candidate and family is conducted, and an initial sample may be taken for testing to determine sperm count, quality and how well the sample can be frozen. Should the candidate pass the initial screening, they may come back for a second screening where a complete physical is conducted, another sperm sample obtained and blood and urine samples as well. If these samples come back clear of genetic problems, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and other infectious diseases, the candidate will be cleared for regular donations. Making Money through Donating While every sperm bank will have its own fee schedule, a candidate can earn an average of $40-$45 dollars per sample. Many sperm banks hold payments for six months, as they are required to obtain another blood sample for screening. The reason for the delay is the quarantine period required during which samples cannot be released; once this quarantine period is finished, payment is finalized. If you are a healthy male looking to earn some extra money, becoming a sperm donor may be an option for you. Just be sure you meet all the qualification before applying.

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