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See if he will go to marriage counseling. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Is is ok to get a divorce from your husband if you are still in love with your ex?

no it isn't unless u know that he doesnt love you. if u know that ur ex still loves u than maybe but like people say its better to be with some one that loves u than someone u love but doesnt love u back.

Why is your husband angry?

my boyfriend has had a very bad child hood which led me to believe he doesnt know how to love or how to treat people good being he never ws showed what love is ....

How to approach an engaged girl?

i know you might be getting married soon but i know you still love either meet me by the train and travel the world or stay with your soon to be husband

How do you divorce your husband when you still love him but he is not good to you?

if your husband is not good to you then he doesnt deserve to be with you, even if you still love him. your love for him may make it a temptation for you to stay with him but you dont want to leave yourself in a dangerous situation or an unhappy marriage

How do you know when your husband falls out of love?

When your husband falls out of love, he'll be more distant and he'll give bad or NO sex.

How do you know she love you back?

You should know in your heart and never have any doubts - if you have doubts then she probably doesnt love you

How do you know if she doesn't love you?

you will know she doesnt love you because she will always lie to you or you will feel something that's not right ..

Is it wrong to ask your husband after you have made love if there is a problem because he doesnt last very long lately?


How do you get a boy to love you when you love them?

i have a best friend who has ALL the boys in our class falling for her. if he doesnt know your alive start talking to him be nice to his friends if you think he loves you but arent sure tell him you like him... IKNOW I KNOW! but what if he doesnt love you then tells everyone you love him IT WONT HAPPEN! tell him you were joking if he says he doesnt love you.

How do you know when a married woman is in love with you?

When she divorces her husband!

How do you know if your boyfriend still love you?

You dont have sex with him for a month or so and if he still stays with you either he loves you or is sleeping with someone else so he doesnt care.

Does Amanda love ally?

no! she was drunk and didnt know what she was doing.. she doesnt love ally.. trust me i would know! x

What to do when you dont love your husband anymore mainly because he cheated on you?

try counseling and if it doesnt work out then you may have to get a divorce

What to do when you always down because your husband doesnt love you enough to call you and let you know that he is okay?

If your husband travels a lot then he should phone every couple of days and you should be satisfied with that; you can phone him and tell him how you feel. You have too much time on your hands and need to either get out with girlfriends for a little fun or volunteer. If your husband works in the town you live then you can't expect him to phone every day because he is most likely busy.

Does harry styles love lauryn smyth?

Aha he doesnt know her?

After he rejects you why he still promote himself to you?

Well he does it because he's into you, but dont wanna show it. he either does it because he's scared of love or he doesnt know what love is. you have to show him that you are int him also. so its vise versa

Is it worrying if your husband says he doesn't know why he loves you?

yes its worrying! if your husband doesn't know why he loves you than, he probably doesn't love you!

How can you tell if your ex husband loves you?

ask him if he would have a threesome with you and another guy and if he goes for it then he doesnt really love you anymore

Why do people in love fight and argue?

they are afraifd to lose their love. i know oit doesnt make sense.

What to tell your friend about a guy that you love but your friend just doesnt understand?

Doesn't understand how, the friend must know that you two are quite happy if you love each other and that she will have to either get over it unless she has a type of bad feeling about him.

What to say to someone to tell them you are in love with them?

I Love You (name). Wrong, i think you should let the person know how you feel , and how you know your in love with them. Because if you just say i love you , then it technically doesnt mean your "in love" with them .

Does your husband love her and will he keep seeing her?

People have different husbands, how do we know?!?!

Example of a simlie in romeo and Juliet?

i know this doesnt answer the question but i love that play!!

How do you know that a guy really loves or he only say that i love you only for sex?

you look at his facial expression. if he is giving you the look when he says it then he doesnt really love you if he doesnt then your ok.

What are tips on getting your husband back in love with you?

compliment him, talk to him about your feelings and let him know you love him <3