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When a dog has rabies they FOAM FROM THE MOUTH, not vomit! Your dog may be on a diet it's digestive system can't handle or, there could be a problem in the digestive system. Many dogs (like cats) will eat grass when they aren't feeling well and will vomit either yellow acidic or white foam. In this case it's best to let your vet take a look at your pet to be sure it doesn't have a twisted bowel or some other digestive problems.

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How thick are stone keeps walls?

They are about two meters thick.

How thick is the Bengal tigers fur?

It is only little thick,but it keeps the tiger easily warm

What features does a polar bear have?

They have thick fur that keeps out the cold.

What keeps a penguin warm?

It's black and thick skin

How does the polar bear warm itself?

they have THICK fur that keeps them warm

How does thick fur help polar bears survive?

Keeps them warm

Are timber wolves warmblooded?

Yes, the thick fur is what keeps them warm

How does thick fur help animals to survive in the winter?

keeps them warm

Why do all of the gas giants have thick atmospheres?

gravity keeps the gas giants planets gases from escaping so they have thick atmosphere

Why do animals in mountainous regions have thick hair?

because in that region it's cold and the thick hair keeps them warm and protects them from the cold.

Do Arctic foxes have blubber?

no, their thick coat keeps them warm during the winter

What adaptations does a saint bernard dog have?

They have A thick layer of fat that keeps them warm

What are the adaptations for a pengiun?

Penguins have thick fur because it keeps them warm in the Arctic.

Why is wool good at keeping you warm?

Wool is a thick fabric, which keeps you warm.

How do snowy owls survive in the tundra?

They have thick feathers that keeps them warm.

What keeps your house insulated?

loft insulation, draught proofing cavity wall insulation thick curtains thick carpets double glazing

Should a poodle be cut in summer?

Poodles have thick fur that tangles easily if allowed to grow long and it get hot for the dog. So, yes, you should keep your poodle cut short in the summer, poodles usually need grooming once a month.

Why is pubic hair thick?

The pubic area is one of our most vulnerable spots. The hair is thick there for heat insulation and protection. It keeps the spot safe.

How does a Siberian husky keep warm?

They have a thick layer of fat under their skin called blubber, which keeps them warm. Also, they have thick fur, and alot of it!

What kind of shampoo should you for thick hair?

i use Johnson baby shampoo cause it does not have a lot of chemicals and keeps your hair healthy and thick!! :D

Why do gas giants have thick atmospheres?

gravity keeps the gas giants' gases from escaping

How would having thick fur help live in the tundra?

It keeps them warm of course

What do you call the thick layer of fat beneath the fur of animals which keeps them warm?


What does a french poodle look like?

The Poodle is actually a German breed, not French. There is no such thing as a "French Poodle." There are three different types of poodle, the largest being the Standard, the middle-size the Miniature, and the smallest the Toy. They were originally bred to retrieve game from water. Their thick curly hair is to protect them from cold water. The strange haircut they get is to maximize protection (the parts where the hair is left on) and maximize mobility (the parts where the hair is shaved off).

What will help remove undigested food out the body?

The stomach is the storage holder, and keeps food in there for about 2 hours. The stomach turns everything into thick liquid or paste. Undigested food is located in the stomach. The most common method for removing it is called, "purging." where the finger or an object such as a spoon, is inserted into ones throat just far enough to trip the gag reflex.