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What do you do when your radio in your car says LOCK and how do you fix this?


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1999 Mitsubishi Radio unlock when stuck in "oFF" mode. I found this somewhere else. So many had the answer but with not all of the variables. Sometimes the CODE is written on top of the radio, or you can go to the dealer with proof of ownership and they will get the radio code from your VIN #. Your radio probably says "oFF" right now because you probably tried three different codes that were wrong. Remember you must hit the "TAPE" button to engage the code. After 3 wrong tries, the radio will go into off mode. You will need to leave your key in the first position with everything off except for the radio, in 2 hours or less the radio will change to "code". you can now put in the code that the dealer gave you. If it says "ERR" after you try the code that they gave you----do not try again !!!! Remove the radio and bring it to the dealer or you can write down the letters and #s from the top of the radio and the dealer will have to get you the radio code from those #s. Migaleenne..p.s. Have fun taking it out!


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