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What do you do when your wife no longer wants sex?


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September 13, 2011 10:34AM


Ok firstly ask yourself does this wife have any insecurities... does she feel fat or frumpy, does she feel you are putting her down or looking at her strangely lately??? Maybe just maybe you have been neglecting her wishes for attension and affection to prove your love for her.. Look i am a woman and i know men do tend to neglect us occassionaly where we feel less important in their lives so we say we are tired or just not in the mood or not tonight honey you have garlic breath... come on your a man you tell us.... have you been concentrating on other important things and not shown your wife she is still attactive to you? ok in saying that here goes!! if it was none of the above i hate to say it but MAYBE and i do say MAYBE there is another man paying her all the attension she desires some where else like at her work or at the kids school gee it could even be an ex that has contacted her... she may just have her head in the clouds as to someone else that makes her smile and feel alive more than you... or she could be tired if you have children she attend to every day! do u need a change of your appearance? like a shave or a new out fit?? maybe shed a few kilo's by taking a brisk walk at 6am every day... or does she to feel important and more sercure in her life??? either way to get the spark back in your marriage why not try a nice dinner at a restaurant just the two of you (or cook one at home yourself) as a suprise see if that gets her in the mood that night.... and if not i advice you ask her whats up and should you both go get marriage couselling... GOOD LUCK u poor guy! i hope every thing works out for you both.