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Junk the car

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 16:43:10
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Q: What do you do when your windows don't work on your 1991 Ford Tempo gl?
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Will a manual transmission from a 1991 Ford Explorer fit a 1994 Ford Explorer?

I dont see why not.

How do you put a cone air filter on a tempo?

you dont... its a tempo

Ford Explorer 1991 maf sensor operates at voltage or frequency?

dont work to fired run

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Will a 1991 4X4 6 cylinder 4.0 engine Ford Explorer transmission work in a 1994 4X4 6 cylinder Ford Explorer. I dont know the engine size.?

The 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorers only factory available engine was the 4.0 L OHV Checking www. motorcraft. com ( no spaces ) Both the 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorers , with 4X4 , list the same part number for an A4LD automatic transmission

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1989 Ford Tempo?

One of two possible places either directly in front of the cooling fan or on the drivers side of the car behind the transaxle. If you still dont see it you have a serious problem

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Loose connection, intermittent short.

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How do you set ignition timing on 1991 ford explorer 4.0 engine?

You dont. It is totally electronically controlled, and the setting is programmed in from the factory, and is completely non-accessible to anyone other than the engineers.

How do you drain the radiator on a ford zetec?

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How do you change a clutch on a Ford Explorer?

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My windows stop about 3 inches from the bottom in my 1993 ford range splash is this normal for electric windows?

some cars do that it is for some reason i dont know why but i think it was to stop water getting in when you are driving on a wet road if it is still in woronty take it in and get it look at tell them you are not shoure it is right