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Survival depends how young it is. You may use an eye dropper and baby formula. 2% is a bad idea. Use small amounts at a time and slightly warm the milk (just as you would for a baby person). Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-07 19:02:27
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Q: What do you do with a baby mouse that your cat has been batting around and can you feed it 2 percent milk?
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Can you feed regular 2 percent milk to a baby mouse?


Is it okay for a baby mouse to lay on its back?

When a baby mouse or pinkie is on it's back, the baby can die. A couple of weeks after a mouse starts getting fur, it should be able to turn back around.

What is the term for a baby mouse?

baby mouse.

When would you expect to see baby mice walking?

The first few days a baby mouse is born, it can crawl somewhat, but not get very far. After about a week or so, the baby mouse will be able to crawl around, a whole lot better. At two weeks old or so, the mouse will be walking around, and might possibly be able to jump around as well.

How old is a mouse when it first opens its eyes?

A baby mouse opens its eyes when it is around two weeks old.

What is the name of a baby mouse?

Just baby mouse (or if more baby mice)

When does the eyes open in a baby mouse?

At around 14 days old.

What percent of water is in a baby?

The percentage of water in a baby is around 78 to 84 percent. This is higher than in an adult body which has 57 to 60 percent.

What do if your mouse have baby?

So if you mouse have baby like my your mouse it can have about 5 to10 baby my mouse have 5 she diet .So the baby didn't have a mum so 4 baby mouse diet I just have one baby mouse and a boy mouse to the boy mouse is the baby dad so here your same tip Tip1: If your baby mouse mum diet the baby we live sametime one of my baby mouse live your baby mouse have to have there mum milk but if the mum diet you can get them puppy milk or the cat milk have to feed them the milk every 2hour Tip2:you can hold them if the mum is diet why if you hold a newborn mouse and the mum is not diet shewill eat the baby so do not hold them Tip3:at night I have to look a my baby mouse every 3min .why because the baby get to cool Tip4:the baby mouse will sleep a lot.why because if it do not have much sleep it can diet so . Tip:they can have food but the baby eye have to be open and they have to walk a bit

Whats is a baby mouse called?

A baby mouse is called a Pinkie.

What do you do when your baby mouse does not drink the milk out of the tube?

kill the baby mouse

What so you call a baby mouse?

A baby mouse is called a pup.

What is a baby mouse called?

A baby mouse is called a pup or a pinkie.

How do you know if a baby mouse is a mouse?

Is the mother a mouse? Is the father a mouse? Then yes, it is a mouse.

How many baby mouse books are there in all?

In most basic library's in Australia there's about 50-150 baby mouse books around. Usually found in the 'Animal' or 'Nature' category.

Can you feed a baby mouse 2 percent milk?

yes, but soy baby formula is better. also, water down the milk a little (whether it's milk or baby soy)

What is the name for a baby mouse?

A baby mouse can be called PUP PINKY or KITTEN

How can you find a baby mouse?

Sometimes cats will attack baby or even adult mice and carry them around so they are not stolen if they do not kill the mouse it will be injured or punctured (more than likely) the cat will dump it if sees a human or big animal there is your mouse

What do you call the offspring of a mouse?

baby mouse

What are the difference in the color of a baby rat to a baby mouse?

A baby rat is more likely to be a dark colour when it is newborn, but a baby mouse is pink.

Is there a name for a baby mouse like calf for a baby cow?

A baby mouse is called a pup. its called a bum tramp

How long before a baby mouse gets any fur?

A baby mouse will start to develop hair within the first week after birth. The hair will not become fluffy until around 3 weeks after birth.

What sound does a baby mouse make?

A mouse squeks

When can you hold a baby mouse?

You should wait to hold a baby mouse until it is two weeks old.

What f the baby mouse is not drinking from its mother what does that mean?

That can only mean that the baby mouse will die soon...