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What do you do with a boyfriend who seems like he is more in love with sex than with you?



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It depends on you. Obviously, you want to be more than just sex partners. Something like this you really need to be honest with him about. The doors of communication need to come open. Just tell him exactly how you're feeling. heres what i would say, " I really care alot about you as you are very much aware of. however, it seems to me that you are more into the sex than you are into making the relationship work. I'm at the point in my life where i need/want more than just a sex buddy. I want to be cared for regardless if we have sex or not. I dont want that with just anybody, I want that with you but, if its not what you want,or you think im moving a little to fast just let me know now. I just want us to be on the same page so neither of us feels unwanted or like we're wasting each others time." Whatever you choose to say, just make sure your letting him know you want to be more than just sex buddies with HIM! And make sure you know exactly what you want and stand firm on it. If you want to pursue a steady relationship except nothing less! Even though you could be hurt by him saying he doesnt want the same thing, just remember: you'd rather spend a couple of days hurt than the next 20 years of your life hurt from wondering.