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It depends on you. Obviously, you want to be more than just sex partners. Something like this you really need to be honest with him about. The doors of communication need to come open. Just tell him exactly how you're feeling. heres what i would say, " I really care alot about you as you are very much aware of. however, it seems to me that you are more into the sex than you are into making the relationship work. I'm at the point in my life where i need/want more than just a sex buddy. I want to be cared for regardless if we have sex or not. I dont want that with just anybody, I want that with you but, if its not what you want,or you think im moving a little to fast just let me know now. I just want us to be on the same page so neither of us feels unwanted or like we're wasting each others time." Whatever you choose to say, just make sure your letting him know you want to be more than just sex buddies with HIM! And make sure you know exactly what you want and stand firm on it. If you want to pursue a steady relationship except nothing less! Even though you could be hurt by him saying he doesnt want the same thing, just remember: you'd rather spend a couple of days hurt than the next 20 years of your life hurt from wondering.

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What do you do when your boyfriend tells you it seems like were just friends?

Treat him more like a boyfriend then a friend.

Does aqua love ventus?

Their relationship seems more like sister-brother to me.

How many people love the Muppets?

Seems like more than 85%

Is it wrong to love your boyfriend more than your family?

You can love any number of people - including your boyfriend and your family, and other friends - but in different ways. The more you love, the more you are able to love. On the other hand, if you're in a situation where you don't particularly like your family for some reason - after all, you didn't choose them - it's fine to love your boyfriend - who presumably you did choose - more.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is in love with you or your body?

By the way he acts around you. Or he wants to be with you and do activities together till night. And how can you tell if he is in love with you body is by how he touches it. If he seems more interested in your body than you !

What should you do when you fall in love with your psychologist?

you probably arent in love with them you are just mezmerized that some one listens to you and seems interested. and the more you have them listen the more you open and you like them more and more.

What if a boy wants to go out with you and you like him but you already have a boyfriend?

OK, the last one wasn't very helpful. for a more detailed answer: think about WHY you like this boy and why you love your boyfriend, which one do you like better? think about the positive thing about the both of them. then think about the flaws in ur boyfriend and in the boy. basically, who do you like more?

What is the diffrince in a boyfriend ond a malefried?

Boyfriend is in love and shares part of your intimate life. But male friend is more like an outsider or visitor to your life.

Should I leave my boyfriend for my best male friend because he loves me more and I love him?

That decision is entirely up to you. Which one do you love more. If you love your best male friend more go for it and break up with your boyfriend. But if your boyfriend means more to you hold on to the good thing you have.

What if you love your boyfriend?

If you love your boyfriend... What are you talking about! Your boyfriend is supposed to be a boy you love! If you love your boyfriend, than may your relationship be long and forever going. Just know, that it may not work out and that there are more boys out there to choose and that Mr. Right is usually your 9th or 10th boyfriend! Boys, THEY LOVE YOU!! BE HAPPY!!!!!

How should you treat you boyfriend?

With love and respect and he will love you and respect you even more and more .. with kindness.

You like your best friend but she has a boyfriend who is also your friend you told her you liked her and it seems like you talk more now What does it mean and what do you do?

shes taken so you dont do anything.

I have a boyfriend that i love is it weird to feel like you like someone else?

it is perfectly normal to be atracted to more than one person.but if you love one of those people it is what you do about the other that determins how much you love him!

Can you see pictures of her boyfriend?

If you are not trying to be with them and are in love with your friends boyfriend then there is nothing wrong with looking at his pictures. You probably should not look at them if you like him more then a friend because your friend might find out and not like it.

Why do you hang out with your crush more then your bfff?

Because you like them better. Dump your boyfriend since you obviously don't love him.

How can you tell if your boyfriend playing you or not?

If he acts like hes losing interest in you or if he seems preoccupied if he doesn't want to go places he used to love to go with you then usually he's playing you usually that means you are just a booty call to him and nothing more.

What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than there own boyfriend?

It means that they like you more then they like there boyfriend

How can you tell if your boyfriend don't love you no more?

ask him

Does Selena Gomez love her family or her boyfriend more?

i think she would love both of them most because your boyfriend is part of the family

Is it bad to tell your boyfriend you love him a lot?

No, the more you tell the more he'll probably love you back

How do you deal with all of your friends hating your boyfriend?

that really sucks. but try to figure out what they dont like about him. is there something different that he does around you that makes you love him? maybe explain to them why you love him, and they will like him more.

What do you do if you like your boyfriend but as you get to know his cousin little by little you start realizing you love him way more than your boyfriend and his cousin likes you too what do you do?

if you are dating the boy dump the cuzin but if you love this cuzin be with him just do what your heart wants

What do you do if you think you are in love with your best friend but she has a boyfriend she says she loves and you have a girlfriend you say you love?

Answer:Well, If you love her more than you love your girlfriend, tell her that you like her better and see if she would like to go on a date sometime... good luck!

Do girls like being called baby or babe more?

It depends on the girl. I personally love it when my boyfriend calls me babe.

How do you know if you like your boyfriend?

you can tell if you like your boyfriend if he is the one you think about when you first wake up in the morning, and the last one on your mind at night. if you pray for him more than you pray for yourself, that's when you can tell if you like him or even love him!

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