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What do you do with a cheating husband?

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Pull his lower lip over his head so he can't see! Seriously, if he's cheating he probably won't stop and even if he does it will be very hard to ever trust him again. I'd kick this guy to the curb married or not.


1st ask yourself why he is cheating in the first place. If a man is happy with his marriage then he is not going to jeopardize it, but if something is missing or wrong with it then he will find ways to fill the void.


You need to have an honest conversation with him about your marriage. Let him know you've discovered his infidelity, and ask him what his plans are. You both need to have a serious conversation about whether or not you want to save this marriage. If you do, counselling is a must.


Only one thing you can do, talk to your husband and tell him what he needs to do. This time you need to think about yourself.

2011-03-02 00:12:20
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If you have absolute proof that your husband is cheating with this other woman then you should deal with your own problems with your husband first and yes, the other woman's husband should know. This is not an uncommon problem and most people (whether a husband cheats with another man's wife or a wife cheats with one of her friend's husbands) is very common and the victim of the cheating generally does tell the husband or wife that their spouse is cheating with their spouse.

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no because he is to good for you you cheating scum

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