What do you do with a saga palm when the fronds or branches have turned yellow brown and raggedy We have watered fed it the proper fertilizer with nitrates and trimmed all the branches?

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Check the planting guide as to what exposure to sunshine and cold it does best in.
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Can palm fronds that fall into a swimming pool turn the pool water green?

Answer . Left to decay in the water it can release the chlorophyll (which is green) as well as other plant cell material which can feed an algae problem. Anything that goes into the water has some contaminants on them which will contribute to an algae problem. If it is left in the water to decay ( Full Answer )

Can horses eat palm fronds?

I doubt it, even though its a plant. Horses mainly eat grasses of various sorts and i don't think plam fronds come under that category. If your horse is eating them I recommend that you remove them from your horses reach. It could be harmfull.

Why does a palm tree turn yellow?

A palm tree turning yellow can be a sign of over fertilization. Ifis also one of the symptoms of over watering. It may recover if youallow it to dry out between watering.

What do the branches do?

The legislative Branch(congess(the house and senate)) write laws, the Judicial branch interprets laws and the constitution, and the executive branch enforces laws. this is the most siplified way to explain it.

All the branches of science?

There are many branches of science. A simple answer would be the main 3 areas: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Any other areas of science usually stem from one of these main 3 areas. In the related links section I have included links to examples of the 3 main areas of science.

What are all the sub branches of music?

There are way too many sub branches of music to list them all. Someof the major genres are rock, rap, folk, jazz, and blues, but eachof those genres can be broken down into several more differentcategories.Ê

Why do leaves turn yellow on sago palm?

The most common reason for the fronds turning yellow is OVERWATERING. Once you stop overwatering them, the fronds will turn back to a deep green and they will be healthy.

What are all branches of chemistry and its meaning?

organic chemistry- the study of carbon and its compounds inorganic chemistry-the study of all the properties and characteristics of other elements. analytical chemistry-the analysis and identification of substance physical chemistry-the study of laws and principles govering physical and chemic ( Full Answer )

What are the importance of all branches in chemistry?

There are five branches of chemistry. It is important to study and learn all five because they all help us to learn more about the world in which we live, and to understand why the world works the way it does. One branch is organic chemistry, which studies carbon and its compounds. Carbon compounds ( Full Answer )

Why do sago palm leaves turn yellow?

Too much water. palm is from desert needs soil to be dry but not so dry the plant gets weak- if it has too much water put it out side to dry in sun or repot it

Can you trim a branch off a tree in September?

it depends on how cold it is if it were any thing above 35 degrees or above i would say yes , also depends on type of tree your prunning. evergreens tend hardier, fruit trees for example, are more subject to freez.

Why are palm trees branch less?

There is no reason why palm trees are branch-less other than theyare just different from regular trees. They also do not have rootsthat grow deep within the soil but root balls instead.

What are palm fronds?

Palm fronds are defined as compound leaves - large, divided leaves - of a palm tree.

When do you trim oak tree branches?

The best time to trim any tree is when it is dormant. In the winter or before the new buds for leaves have formed.

What to put on a oak tree branch after trimming?

My arborist will not prune an oak during growing season. In fact, my oaks were pruned in December (we live in Chicago) to prevent any disease from entering the wound. If you are in the Midwest or a cold climate, don't trim any oaks until they are dormant. If you must trim "in season", I would contac ( Full Answer )

What makes eyes and palms turn yellow?

Jaundice and carotenemia are the most common causes of yellow skin. Jaundice is accumulation of bilirubin which is a bile pigment and carotenemia is the accumulation of carotene; the precursor of vitamin A.

All major branches of science?

Main branches of Sciences in enlisted below: Aerodynamics Anatomy Anthropology Archaeology Astronomy Astrophysics Bacteriology Biochemistry Biophysics Biology Botany Chemical Engineering Chemistry Climatology Computer Science Ecology Electronics Engineering Entomology Environmental Science Forestry ( Full Answer )

What are all the government branches?

Branches of the government are as follows; Legislative Branch (creates laws), Judicial Branch (enforces laws), and Executive Branch (PotUS).

What did palm branch signify in the Bible?

Answer Palm branches are associated in the Bible with Palm Sunday, which John Shelby Spong ( Jesus for the NonReligious ) says came from a Jewish festival actually held at a very different time of year: . The ]ewish eight day celebration of the harvest, known as Sukkoth, and also called the Fest ( Full Answer )

Are palm fronds biodegradable?

Definitely. They may dry out and look as they will last forever, but if conditions are right they will decompose like all organic material

Why did Lead II nitrate and potassium iodide turn yellow?

Lead iodide can be obtained as a yellow precipitate by reacting solutions oflead(II) nitrate and potassium iodide the other compound created by the reaction is potassium nitrate which is a white power but as it is soluble it does not form a precipitate. 2KI + Pb(NO3)2 --> 2KNO3 + PbI2 the balan ( Full Answer )

Where does palm fronds grow?

As far North as Korea, Japan, North Carolina, and California. As far South as Argentina, Chile, New Zeland , and South Africa

What does all 3 branches of government do?

Legislature=Pass laws by majority vote. Declare war. Coin and borrow money. Approve treaties. Tax. Regulate commerce. Executive=Enforce laws. Make treaties. Command armed forces. Judiciary=Interpret laws. Settle disputes between states. From Civics Today. More information from their website is fr ( Full Answer )

Do all branches in a parallel circuit have to be on?

No, they do not. Think of it this way. Your house is one huge parallel circuit. Not every branch is on all the time. You turn switches on and off to turn individual branches on and off at will.

Why are people waving palm branches?

A: John Shelby Spong ( Jesus for the NonReligious ) puts it this way: The Jewish eight day celebration of the harvest, known as Sukkoth, and also called the Festival of the Tabernacles or Booths, was probably the most popular holiday among the Jews in the first century. In the observance of Suk ( Full Answer )

What are all the branches and sub branches of physics?

The major Branches of physics are as below : Acoustics: deals with sound. Astrophysics: space and extraterrestrial studies. Atomic physics: study of atoms. bio physics: applications of rules of physics.

What do the palm branches symbolize in the triumphal entry to Jerusalem?

A: There is no specific reference to palm branches in the earlier gospels, but this was added in John's Gospel. The first account of the triumphal entry of Jesus was in Mark's Gospel, where the people waved leafy branches. John Shelby Spong ( Jesus for the NonReligious ) puts it this way: The Jew ( Full Answer )

Why are the tips of your ponytail palm turning brown?

" Yellow or brown leaves are a clear sign your ponytail palm is getting too much water, since the tree's normal leaf color is light green. Ponytails originate in the Mexican desert. Their native climate is dry with very low humidity. This means they can easily survive winter months in homes with hea ( Full Answer )

What is branch?

A branch is a stick that grows from a tree. Birds usually nest on branches.

What at the branches?

There are several things that could be the branches. There are three branches in the U.S. government. They are the judicial, the legislsative, and the executive. However, normal branches are simply limbs that grow on trees.

What are the proper noun of branches of science?

The branches of science are common nouns, for example sociology, chemistry, biology, paleontology, etc. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example: . Wade Harper, PhD, Professor of Molecular Pathology , Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA . Astronomy ( Full Answer )

When is the best time to trim tree branches?

The optimal pruning time will vary from one plantto the next, generally the best time to prune is late winter orearly spring before the plant starts to grow again.