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What do you do with a vehicle if the dealer refuses to repossess it?

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2011-09-13 10:34:39

Dont understand what you mean by dealer wont repossess it.

Usually when you default they want to come and get it so they can

recoup monies lost due to non payment and continue to go after you

for the unpaid balance. Now if you are trying to return it to the

dealer , they should take it back but you still owe some monies for

the length of time you had it and again for defaulting on the deal.

You should keep records and dates of when and how you tried to

return it, you probably can use some legal advice because the

longer you keep it and not pay the worse your credit is going to

get. The credit agencies do not know that you are trying to return

it, only that your not paying on it. Look in the local phone book

and call some lawyers to see if they can answer a question for you.

The secretaries usually can tell you what type of lawyer you need.

Some give consultations for free or a seriously reduced rate. You

can also call your county court house and ask to speak to the

public defender and see if they can guide you. There is also

1800lawyersand that's a phone line that can help you. Just keep

good records of your attempts so in the future youll know how much

you are responsible for.

Clarification on some points:

(1) A lender has no legal obligation to recover any vehicle that

may result in a loss, this also pertains to a voluntary

repossession, the lender does not have to accept the vehicle.

(2) Many lenders will not recover the vehicle but will instead

sue the borrower (co-borrower or co-signer) for the full amount

owed and all applicable penalties and legal fees.

(3) Credit bureaus deal with creditors only, they do not accept

information from the consumer with the exception of a 100 word

dispute letter which is placed in the consumer's credit file.

(4) Public defenders are only available to persons who are

charged under criminal statutes and qualify under the income

guidelines of the state and all public defenders are appointed by

the presiding judge, they are not chosen by the person who has been

charged. That being the case, the clerk of the court cannot assist

in finding an attorney for an individual but in some cases will

refer the person to the local legal aid society or other non profit

legal organization.

A free US nationwide attorney referral service is offered on the

website of the American Bar Association,

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