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I just had a hot rod sitting for 10 yrs. so i Charge batteries, change the oil, oil filter, air filter, trans oil n filter, change the diff oil. I ran 5W30, check the belts for cracks, dump the coolant and replace the thermostat. I also sprayed WD40 into all my spark plug connections on my distributor (coils) and scraped every contact point. Regapped the spark plugs and sprayed WD40 into the spark plug holes to break any rust and to lubricate the pistons for initial start up. For fear that gravity has pulled everything out. Its all about lubrication and no metal on metal wear. YOU want that little buffer. It fired first turn over like it didn't miss a day.

"> ">1 quart of Transmission Fluid in 4 or 5 quarts of oil is perfectly fine for a short period of time. It is a lower viscosity and has a higher detergent content. This will help to lubicate the cylinder walls prior to starting and free up the piston rings to allow them to seal properly. Everything listed below is a great start. The only other thing I would suggest is fresh spark plugs prior to starting and a small squirt of thin oil into each cylinder. Cylinder walls rust very quickly because they are bare metal - usually overnight. Because the iron in the engine block is so dense the metal doesn't rust through, it's simply surface rust and is scraped off by the piston rings the first time the piston moves. However, if the vehicle has been sitting for years that rust will be much thicker and more coarse. It can cause damage to the piston rings and cause the engine to burn oil or run poorly. A little bit of oil will help to break down any rust and lubricate the rings on the top side until oil gets flowing and contacts the bottom of the piston and cylinder walls. Additionally, piston rings need oil to seal and make compression. If they are completely dry the compression may not be high enough for the engine to run. Finally, if the vehicle has been sitting a long time and smokes initially don't be too alarmed. Let the engine get hot, change the oil again, and take it through several hot/cold cycles. It may take some time to burn off any residual oil, condensation, or even coolant that has seeped into the cylinders over time, and to reseat the rings if they went dry during storage.

White smoke usually means the motor is burning coolant. If you can't look the vehicle over well enough, take it to an independent garage and have it looked over, even if you need to pay them. Have the brakes and all steel lines checked. Any Rubber parts such as vacuum hoses should get looked at, E-brakes may be frozen, Definitly change the oil. Battery is probably not charged. Check tire pressure. A vehicle that sets for a long time, especially in the NorthEast, can have problems that will not show until it is driven again. B Clear.

There was probably alot of condensation built up. Adding a couple bottles of Heet to the gas may help. Also, drain the oil and refill with 4qts oil and 1qt tranny fluid and get the engine to operating temp and drain and refill with just oil. Also, change the oil filter after the oil/tranny step. You may want to drain and refill the radiator too. Try this before any major work. Good Luck.

All the answers above are good. But. what I would do after changing the oil and other stuff and BEFORE trying to start the engine, is check the gas tank and change the gas . Condensation will build up in the tank over time and rust it out, plus, gas goes bad over a few years.

before storing a car,make sure it is well warmed up.this will insure excess moisture will evaporate from exhaust system ect. fill tank with gas to prevent condensation in gas tank.

I would say all above are great starts; change all fluids in the system and change spark plugs and once started give a tune-up. Hopefully this can get you going and then you can figure all the other little things out. Good Luck

Should at least push the car to move forward or backkward a little bit so that the tires will not be in the same position, otherwise the tires will be damaged 'cause the weight will be pressed on the tires for long time.

it depends on how long the car has been sitting. i started a car that sat since 1969 in 2001. i just over-filled the engine with oil-14 quarts-in a Chrysler 440. drained it, refilled it with 5.5 quarts and started it. it ran just fine with 32 year old gas in it!

Personally, I would take the plugs out, squirt in some Marvel Mystery oil into the cylinders, make sure there is oil in the pan and it's not foamy or yellow, Make sure there is at least water in the radiator and make sure there's a little gas in it. Try to fire it up. If it runs for 1 minute and has to be turned off , she is wothr doing an oil change, flush the radiator, transmission, lube the grease fittings, check the brakes(ALL OF THEM). Belive it or not, if a car has been "put away" in running condition, they will run 5 , 10, 15 and even 20-40 years later.

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Q: What do you do with a vehicle that hasn't been driven in a long time?
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