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DO NOTHING with IT.or Maybe a float or sinker 4 going fishing.IT is a Seal 4 the Dipstick tube in the transmission that keeps out dirt until the Vehicle is ready on the Production line 2 have the Dipstick tube Installed.Some people drive the small end into the front pump housing so the seal won't leak(so I've heard)

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What does Ford Expedition xlt stand for?

XLT means Extra Large Truck

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What would happen if you have extra transmission oil?

There is no such thing as "transmission oil" there is only transmission fluid, but but over filling the reservoir could cause serious damage to your transmission..

Why does radiator leaks transmission fluid?

Some have an internal transmission cooler & extra small internal radiator for that purpose.

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Do the back seats fold down in a Ford Expedition?

The 2010 Ford Expedition features PowerFold™ third-row seating which allows the seats to fold away into the floor of the vehicle. With the third row stowed, the Expedition allows for tons of extra cargo room.

What does automatic equipped model mean?

Most likely that it comes with an automatic transmission opposed to coming with a manual transmission and then having to pay extra for the automatic.

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it's still plastic, the chrome is just a paint job. You will not find a lacrosse head that is not plastic. DOn't be tricked into spending extra money for a paint job.

What damage if overfilled trans fuild?

Overfilling your transmission fluid can cause pressure which forces the parts in the transmission apart. This can cause gears, or bands to be pushed out of location, extra wear and damage. You can drain extra fluid off your transmission by using the plug on the bottom of the transmission. The fluid can be aerated from contact with the rotating parts. Aerated fluid in can cause slippage, lack of lubrication, and leaks. All of which can cause a major failure.

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Does a 1993 ford aerostar have an extra drain plug in the automatic transmission besides the pan and filter itself?


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When It comes to decanters, I always prefer glass over plastic. Glass appears more dignified and gives your wine or spirits an extra sparkle.

Why would the transmission on a 2001 LS jerk into forward or reverse in the morning and sometimes after being warm?

Low fluid level, and/or dirty filter. If hot rodded, then extra wear on the transmission.

Do you drive the ford 2001 expedition in D or the D with the circle around it?

for everyday driving, use the D with the circle, ( this denotes overdrive ) it will give you the best overall fuel economy. Using just the D is usually reserved for when you are towing, as using overdrive with an extra load on the motor and transmission can cause premature overheating and failure of the drivetrain.

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