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The Remote wire is for the installation of an amplifier. When you install the amp, you have a power (+12V) and ground wire to power the amp, but if you did not have a remote wire, it would drain all of your battery power while you were away from the car (because it would continually suck energy from it); however, without the remote signal coming from the CD player, the amp does not turn on.

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Basically, unless you're installing an amp, don't mess with it.

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Q: What do you do with the CD player remote wire?
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How do you find the remote wire in the back of your CD player?

Usually the remote wire is the blue wire. Although not all CD players have a remote wire. The easy way to find out if you're player has a remote wire is to go onto the manufacturer's website and check the spec's.

How do you find the remote wire in the back of your CD player of a 04 mustang?

usually the blue wire with the white stripe in any CD player

Why after buying a new CD player when the radio is on would the subs work but when you put in CD the subs do not come on?

make sure amp remote wire is connected to p.cont wire and not power ant wire on the radio

Why does my amp only work with the radio and not the CD player I have power to the amp with the FM but as soon as I turn on the CD player the amp looses power.?

What it is, is your power ant. wire is hooked to your remote(control) wire of the Amp.To fix this disconnect it and connect it to the remote(control) wire. If you dont have a output labeled as this connect it to the hot wire for the radio. (do not connect it the the constant hot wire there will be two different wires)

What is dual CD player wire color codes?

What is dual CD player wire color codes?

What color wire is the remote wire when using an amp with a factory radio in a 2004 ford f150?

instead of hooking up your amps remote wire to your CD player, i would run the wire to your fuse box and wrap the striped wire around a fuse for something like the windshield wipers or acc or something that turns on when you want your amp on. and then put the fuse back in and then it's the same as plugging it into your CD player, except not as much work

What are the CD player wire colours mean?

Red is hotwire, black is groundwire, blue is the remote wire or clock and memory, these are your main wires the rest are speaker wires.

How do you install a CD player in a 1999 cavalier Z24?

you cut the yellow and black wire from the origanal plug and wire these from the CD player wire the yellow, red, blue, wire into the yellow and the black from origanal plug to black on CD player

How do you wire a sub woofer?

you run the speaker wires from the amplifier to the sub woofer. Run the remote wire from your CD player and also from the CD player run the RCA cables to the amp power from the battery to the amp and ground the ground wire to the frame to the amp the. positive to the positive and the negative to the negative remember that.

What does the remote wire hook up to on the back of a CD player?

It is most likely for a remote control accesssory that allows you to perform normal CD playback functions with a controller wired to the player. For example, you can sit in your chair and adjust the volume or skip songs without getting up and going to the player. The remote wire goes to the amp. its the turn on switch from your deck to your amp. if your not running an amp, then put electrical tape around the wire , so it doesn't touch any metal and ground out.

Cd player in a 92 Buick regal?

Yes, there was a factory CD player in a1992 Buick Regal. It was separate from the radio like the cassette player. It was referred to as a Remote or Slave CD player.

Where can you see the wire diagram for a clarion CD player?

Well, The wire diagram is located inside the main part of the buttocks. To remove this wire which is inside the CD player, you must simply poo.

How do you hook up a CD player to an amp?

well if its a factory CD player you can connect the rear speaker wires to the input on the amp you will have to take two ends off a rca cable and soldier the speaker wire to it the center being positive the p-con or remote wire on the amp can be connected to a wire that has 12volts when the key is turned on and well ground amp to chassis and get the power from the battery (this sounds kinda confusing but it worked in my car before I bought a aftermarket stereo)if a aftermarket CD player you can use rca cables from the rear or front output on the stereo to the input on the amp the remote for the amp can connect to the blue wire with white stripe on stereo

What does the ATT wire on a Sony CD player connect to?

ATT is the mute its used for car hands free kits to mute the streo and if its a sony the remote wire is blue. You would connwct it to your third party phone system

What is the orange wire for on your VRVD630 CD player?

The Orabge wire gos to your Brake Light+ if you have a rear view cam hocked up to the cd-player when you revers it comes up on the screen

How do you find the remote wire in the back of your CD player of a 98 Malibu?

if it's a factory radio it will not have a remote wire,instead it will have a power antenna wire but the pwr ant wire will shut off when a CD is played,so i would recommend you find a power source that comes on w/the key in acc. position. if it is after market it will be blue or blue&whiteAnswerYou can use the cig lighter power wire for the remote connection. Answertap into the acc. or radio fuse.

How do you install a CD player in a 2003 lancer?

Connect the wiring harness to the back of your 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer CD player. Secure the CD player with the retaining bolts. Connect the ground wire.

Can you swap out a 2000 Taurus cassette player for a Taurus CD player?

You could swap in any CD player, so long as you knew how to wire it up.

Is there a Kenwood car CD player that has a remote?

Yes, most of the Car CD Players produced by Kenwood feature remotes as well. Check out the Kenwood KCA R70FM Car CD changer /satellite radio remote control.

How do you get sound out. When the CD player power is on and all speaker wires are connected?

if your car has a factory amp you might have to mess around with the factory remote wire(this is what tells the amp to turn on) good luck

How do you wire in a CD player on a 92 Chevy silverado?

what is the wire code for a 92 Chevy slverado for the memory

Where can i find the wire colors on a 2005 ford ranger radio CD player?

You can find the 2005 Ford Ranger radio CD player wire color codes in most service manuals. The wire colors are associated as follows; the positive wire is red, the black wire is the ground, the green and yellow wires are speaker wires, and the white wire is the auxiliary wire.

How to install a CD player in a Mitsubishi endeavor?

Google the model car and the wire diagram follow cd player diagram and fix wires together

How do you put a subwoofer in your car?

You have to run the powers and grounds for the amp, do not forget to set up the remote wire either. then you will need to connect the amp to the CD player auxillary with the RCA's, then you just wire your sub to the amp.-Shocker

Can you get electricuted by an Portable CD Player?

Portable CD players could only shock you if you touch an open wire.

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