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There are crabs all over on Poptropica, so you have to specify an island.

Time Tangled Island - on this older island, clicking the crab makes him explode

Big Nate Island - it is a lobster, not a crab, that you recover by swapping the old photo for the diving suit and diving at the lighthouse. The lobster can turn the lighthouse light.

Steamworks Island - get the robot crab by climbing to the Living Quarters and jumping on top of him. Use the key to enter Sully's paraphernalia. Once you have the robot Sprocket, you can use him to drop the robot crab on the hot hatch, which will cool it down.

Wimpy Boardwalk - the crab is used to recover the $20 bill at the end of the quest. Once you have the toy helicopter, use the slippery lotion to free Rowley from the fun house slide, and you get some Fish Sticks. Use the sticks to bait the hook on the copter and catch the crab at the ocean.

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How do you get the crab on Poptropica?

The crab can be found in the Wimpy Boardwalk Island on Poptropica. The crab will be found on the boardwalk at the end of the mission. The crab can be picked up using the helicopter.

Where do you get the crab bait in Poptropica wimpy bordwalk?

where do u get the crab bait on poptropica whimpy boardwalk

Where is the crab in steamworks island on poptropica?

the crab on steamworks island is next to the living quarters

How do you get the crab on wimpy boardwalk on poptropica?

You hook the crab with the remote controlled helicopter you get from the little boy.

What do you do once you catch the crab on poptropica board walk?

then you get gregs money with the crab and give it to him and then you win the game

What do you use the robot crab for on Poptropica?

On Poptropica, Steamworks island you are using the robot crab to cool down the bell. Once you have cooled the bell down you can touch it without being burned.

What do you do after you get the crab on on the helicopter on poptropica wimpy boardwalk?

When you get the crab on the helicopter you go where the boys who got his money are and lay the crab were the money is. Then go down and get the money. And then your done

Where is the robot that drops the crab for you on poptropica?

there is no robot that drops the crab! what you do is when you see the crab don't click it, just jump on it then pick it up. sorry but that's all I know.

How do you power the steam battery on poptropica?

Go left from the main street and find the medal crab. Then jump on it and you get the crab and the key to the steam battery.

How do you trick the teenagers on wimpy broadwalk in poptropica?

Get the jumbo prize then get the helicoptor from the boy then you get the crab at the beach. attach the crab to the helicopter and put it under the boardwalk.

How do you get the robot crab open in Steamworks Poptropica?

you have to get all the cranks on the side to spin together

How do you trick the teens that stole greg's money on poptropica?

Use the helicopter with the crab on it to scare them.

What do you do with the fish sticks on poptropica?

you have to put it on the helicopter and make the crab take it and he will give you the $20

What do you do with the robot crab on steamworks island poptropica?

You throw it on the hot thing and it cools off.

What is the robot crab used for in steamworks poptropica?

When u get the crab, u go 2 the hot tunnel thing and use the water 2 cool it down

What do you attach to the reomote control helicopter to get the money in poptropica wimpy island?

You attatch the crab to the hook. To do this, you need to get the fish sticks, attatch them to the helicopter, then go get the crab.

How do you break the crab on poptropica steam works island?

the robot drops it on the really hot thing

How do you solve the robot crab on Steamworks in poptropica?

You have to jump on it and then you pick it up when it's upside down.

What do you do after you get the fish sticks from the woman on poptropica?

you put the fish stick on the toy helicopter and use it to get the crab

What do you get to make the mech to crank on poptropica on bid nate island?

you have to go down the water and get the cage with the crab and the old guy lets you keep the crab and that's how you crank the crank

Where do you put the crab on steamworks island on poptropica?

on the hot hatch on the hub place all the way on the right

How do you beat wizard 101 poptropica?

buy crowns and go to fire cat alley and crab alley oh and crab alley only lets you go if you are a level 12 wizard

How do you get to Giza 3 on poptropica?

WHEN YOU ARE IN GIZA 2 MAKE THE CODE ON THE WALL here is the code" - AND - and - AND - after that there will be a logs to help you get past the crab

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