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have the sending unit checked.and also check the may be shorted to ground.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-27 17:16:56
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Q: What do you do you have changed oil pump oil light still comes on?
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What do you do when the check engine light comes on and runs in a 1992 acura legend and it has a new radiator water pump and timing changed.?

oxygen sensor

Why does the oil pressure light flash?

Oil pump needs replaced,engine light comes on because of low oil preasure.I just changed mine out and it took care of the problem.

2002 Galant LS oil light comes on at low rpm's and just had oil changed why?

Excessive engine wear? Oil pump weak? Incorrect grade of oil?

Why is coolant light still on after having water pump changed out. 98 Malibu was leaking antifreeze but has stopped after water pump was replaced How do I get coolant light off?

probably the coolant level sensor... Does the temprature gauge go up to hot then down to normal?

I Changed oil pump but still no oil to top of motor on 98 grand am with a 3.1?

When the oil pump was changed, was the pickup tube cleaned also? Could that be plugged?

1997 Z71 V8 When going up long grades and accelerating the engine feels like its sputtering and the service engine soon light comes on.?

If you have not changed your fuel filter do so; if it still acts up it is likely caused by a lack of fuel; have fuel pump checked.

Chevy cavlier 2001 changed fuel pump and car still want start?

check fuel pump relay!!

What should i do when Low coolant light comes on running hot and leaking coolant but not sure where . i have changed thermostat and temperature sensor on a 1997 Chevy lumina 3.1?

possibly the water pump

No power to air conditioner pump?

no power to air conditioner pump but snow flak light comes on and fan runs

How many miles can you drive after the low fuel light comes on with a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

you do not want to find out ! before the light comes on , head for the gos station, or you will be relaceing the fuel pump at a cost of $900.00 big ones......and that is just the price of the pump!!!!!!

How do you change the oil pump on 95 Toyota Previa?

The oil pump may be changed when the oil level light begins to glow. Buy the oil pump from the eBay motors and it will be replaced.

If your red OIL LIGHT comes on it means?

If a red oil light comes on in a car, it means the vehicle is low on oil. It could also mean that the oil pump is not working.

No heat in your 2002 Ford Focus changed thermostat and coolant still no heat?

Water pump maybe?

What could still be the problem changed the heater core and thermostat flushed system to get all the air pockets out and it still overheats?

water pump

What is the 97 Honda civic low gas light indicator?

It will just come on once you have less than around 1/8 of a tank of gas. A little light with the shape of a gas pump should light up. Even though the light comes on, you can still drive for 20 miles after E.

Will check engine light come on if water pump bad?

Not likely. The check engine light comes on for failures that raise the emissions of the vehicle.

Is there a fuel pump relay on a 2000 f-150?

the f-150 fuel system shuts off and also does not restart sometimes , i changed the filter and fuel pump and problem still exist. the f-150 fuel system shuts off and also does not restart sometimes , i changed the filter and fuel pump and problem still exist.

Changed the fuel pump and crank sensor relays and fuses are fine why wont the fuel pump engage on a 98 cirrus?

hello same thing that happend to me i changed my fuel pump, spark plugs,spark plug wires,crank sensor,disturbutor cap and rotary button and still didn't work and still would not start. and the fuel pump would not kick in,until i changed the disturbutor itself. i changed the whole unit. hope this helps p.s my car works fine now it's a 2.5 cirrus v6 1995

93 Buick Regal Ive changed fuel pump it is still blowing the fuse What can you do?

Find where the wire is shorting

Could coolant be leaking from the water pump weep hole on 2001 jeep wrangler but the pump still working properly?

Yes but it needs to be changed VERY SOON

91 Chevrolet S10 truck and have changed thermostat tuned it up checked water pump and still overheats and service engine soon light comes on?

well hmmmm tough 1st and farmost check make sure ur fans ar running to cool it 2nd u checked water pump but doesnt mean its good the coil inside could be shot change it let me know

What is wrong if a 1999 Ford Taurus oil pump has been changed and the car doesn't leak oil but the pump still isn't pumping oil?

check camshaft sychronizer

Why is my check engine light flashing on my chrysler sebring got the water pump changed is it the timing?

If it started flashing after the water pump, it is possible that the timing belt/chain is installed improperly.

You changed your fuel pump but your 98 Chevy s-10 still wont start why?

was fuel filter replaced

What if your 86 kawasaki 454 ltd is still over heating after you changed the radiator thermostat and fan?

check the water pump