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Green leafy vegetables, liver.

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Is iron in carrots?

Yes, but not much- you would need to eat 2kg to supply your daily iron need.

Which food group should vegetarians eat daily to ensure their iron requirement is met?

For iron, vegetarians should eat legumes, such as soy beans and lentils, and leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and chard.

Which food group should vegetarians eat daily to ensure their iron requirement?

Legumes, such as soy beans and lentils, and leafy greens, such as spinach and chard, are high in iron.

A deficiency of iron in the diet would result in?

One result would be iron deficiency anemia. This results in lack of energy and paleness of skin. One cure for iron defiency would be to eat iron-rich foods and/or take an iron supplement or a daily vitamin with iron.

How frequently does iron deficiency anemia occur?

They do not occur much often unless you are lack of iron. You must eat enough iron rich food in order to prevent iron deficiency from occurring. Iron rich food include things like red meat ex. Beef. Such other food sources which are rich in iron includes plant sources such as green leafy vegetables, beans and dried fruits such as raisins. Also remember to eat food rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges or guava. But be aware not to eat over the recommended daily amount of iron as well just like other vitamins and minerals, you only need a certain amount of iron in your daily diet.

What is iron used for in daily life?

iron is used for building things! : )

What is the benefit of iron?

the main benefit of iron is, it is in a lot of our daily foods

Do avocados have iron in them?

Yes, avocados do have iron in them. On average, they hold 4-6% Daily Value iron.

How much iron does a teenager need a day?

A maximum of 20mg iron daily.

Why should you eat bananans?

iron, iron, iron and fibre

What is the daily recommended amount of iron for children?

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How much iron to take daily?

76 %

What kind cereal have the most iron?

MultiGrain Cheerios have 100% of your daily dose of Iron.

What is a source of iron?

A good source of iron is red meat. If you are deficient, you may be prescribed iron pills to take daily.

What do tigers eat daily?

they eat deer

What do vegetarians eat to get iron?

there are many things vegetarians can eat for iron. tofu is a good source.

Do pandas eat iron?

Pandas can't eat iron, at least not in its recognizable metal form.

What do priests eat on a daily basis?

they eat things the they eat

What metals are used in daily life?

Steel , iron .

What is the recommended daily amount of iron?

15 g

How many ounces of potato would someone on a 2000 calorie diet need to eat get recommended daily allowance of iron?

2500 grams (88 ounces), if the person ate nothing but potatoes. Potatoes are not a rich source of iron.

What iron does Broccoli have?

One serving of broccoli contains 1.1 milligrams of iron. That is about 6 percent of the daily iron that is needed in the diet.

What do manx cats eat daily?

they eat poo

Uses of iron in daily life?

iron can be used in several places such as in industries, at home,to make vehicles.

How much iron in an egg?

One large egg contains 4% of your recommended daily intake of iron.

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