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First, put the baby back into the nest. The parents will not reject it. This is an old wivestale. If the nest and parents are gone you will need to contact an animal refuge. It is illegal to have any wild animal in captivity. If you live in an area where there isn't a refuge (as I do) you can choose to care for the young yourself. The following is a guide for care that has never failed. I have never lost a baby swallow. Here is a recipe for the perfect baby barn swallow food. 1 Cup hard dogfood (softened with water): make sure it has 27% protein and 13 % fat 1/4 Cup applesauce 1 Tums (for calcium) Mix all together. Make sure the mixture isn't too wet as the baby may asperate the liquid and get pneumonia and die. The mixture should be the consistency of wet dogfood. Use a coffee stir stick or something similar to scoop up a small amount of the mixture and hold it over the baby. Tap the side of the container lightly or toudh the tip of the beak and the baby should respond with an open beak. Feed the baby 2 or 3 small balls of the food. The baby will need to eat every 20-30 minutes 24 hours a day. After the baby has gotten its first feathers, you can feed 20-30 minutes for the first 12-14 hours and then let it be. It will sleep through the night and be ready to eat again early the next morning. I begin feeding at 7 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. The inside of the baby's beak should be shiny and wet. If it is not, the baby is dehydrated. If the baby is dehydrated you can take a small eye dropper and put a small drop of Gatoraid or distilled water in the corner of his beak. It will drink the water on its own. Never force the baby to drink. Make sure not to get the liquid in the nose holes or the liquid will get into its lungs. NOTE: Never feed worms as they can kill the babies. When the mother feeds the baby, she swallows the worm and the acid in her stomach kills anything that would harm the baby swallow. If mom doesn't do this, the worm could be toxic to the young.

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no it is not legal to shoot a barn swallow they are protected

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no! the acid in the tomatoes will kill the baby bird because the baby will get toxic and die.

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yes you can shoot a barn swallow

The scientific name for a Barn Swallow is "Hirundo rustica". They are a species of swallows.

you can feed it warm baby food,mashed wormes,mashedbugs,mashed berries or any thin that a normal robin eatsbut it has to be mashed so the baby bird can swallow it.

Yes. The Barn Swallow, Bank Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Tree Swallow and the Northern Rough-winged Swallow are amongst some of the breeds of swallow found in the USA.

There are 8 varieties of Swallow. They are the Barn Swallow, Cave Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Bank Swallow, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, the Violet-green Swallow, Tree Swallow, and the Purple Martin.

Swallows are colorful, acrobatic flyers that catch insects on the wing. There are many species, among them the barn and tree swallows. The purple martin is the largest swallow. They belong to the family Hirundinidae.

Insects, specifically flying insects.

A barn swallow is not a mammal.Swallows are not mammals - they are birds. The differences between birds and mammals are:Birds have feathers while mammals have fur, hair or skinBirds lay eggs whilst mammals (with the exception of the monotremes) bear live youngBirds do not feed their young on mothers' milk like all mammals do

Owls are predators no animal eats owls . But barn owls do swallow their prey whole.

No, the barn swallow, Hirundo Rustica, is a very common species, in no way endangered.

Feed the baby jackrabbit goat's milk in an eye dropper or twice a day. Hold it upright and point the dropper to the bottom of its mouth. Allow the rabbit to swallow between each drop to prevent aspiration.

The national bird of Austria is the Barn Swallow.

a common predator of the lady bug is the barn swallow

The Barn Swallow is the national bird of Austria.

The Barn Swallow is the national bird of Estonia.

The Barn Swallow is the national animal of Estonia.

Nope. That would never happen in the wild.

The barn swallow is what is commonly referred to when speaking of a European swallow. The bird is mostly blue with some reddish-brown coloring on its face and a white underbelly.

The best thing to do if you find any wild bird that's 'apparently' been abandoned - is to leave it where it is. The parent bird WILL be close by somewhere, and will rescue the baby as soon as it feels it's safe to do so !

A barn swallow is a black, blue and, orange/yellow bird. They're normally found in suburban ares especially along the road or along beaches. They eat berries, seeds, dead flies and alive flies.KINGDOM:AnimaliaFAMILY:HirundinidaePHYLUM:ZoologyORDER:PasserineBY: Angie [AAA, Triple A]

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