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What do you feed a baby yellow-bellied slider that is not eating?


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Make sure first that you are eliminating any other possbilities for your babys reason for not eating. Does he have a sunning area? Is there enough water in your tank? Also make sure check the water temperature. Normal temp should be between 82-85F for sick or young turtles. A sustained temp. between 65-72F can contribute to loss of appetite and cause respiratory infection. Try small live feeder fish. Crickets only as a treat. Chopped green beans, carrot tops, dandelion. Make sure is is getting enough calcium and minerals. Cuttlebones are good.


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thankyou whoever wrote about what to feed the slider turtles!! my baby sliders were not eating since a month but i didnt know you could feed them stuff like chicken and veggies!!! thanks a million today was my best day ever!!

Yes, I put my baby slider in a sand filled terrarium over night and feed him in water and he is doing ok

Red Ear Slider Turtles eat a variety of foods. Yes, they will crickets, you can also feed dried shrimp, pellets, krill, or blood worms.

Turtle food from the pet store, garden slugs or bugs.

when the baby cries you feed it when it pushes the spoon away its done eating.

I have a baby red ear slider I feed mine commercial pellets and Krill shrimp because baby red ear sliders need ore protean but if its an adult you have you should be feeding him veggies like lettuce and pellets and comerical food containg krill gammarus and shrimp or live food like worms or guppies I have an adult yellow belly slider and he likes lettuce and comerical food and hes a 6 year old turtle and hes doing just fine i don't feed him live food though.

I raised a litter of 4 baby squirrels. I would feed them 2 or 3 times a day. You can tell when they are done eating when their bellies are big and round and sometimes (depending on the squirrel) they will just stop eating on their own.

If you feed it small crickets, then he should be eating about three crickets a day. If you feed it large crickets; which you shouldn't be doing at the baby age; then about one or two. However, I strongly suggest the baby crickets. When he gets bigger, then he can graduate to two big crickets.

Yes, a person can feed their red eared slider turtle hoho grubs. However, it is not a major part of their diet.

I feed my red-eared slider lettuce and carrots slices very thin. Moreover, I feed him Watermelons. He LOVES red bell peppers too!

no you shouldn't feed your turtle dog kibble.

You can't ·Automatically as a mother is eating the child is being fed

you should feed them a little a pinch or two of food.

it matters if you your rabbit is a baby because if its a baby their mother will feed them until they get old enough to feed them selves or if your rabbit is an adult they eat nuts and veggies and if their not eating that means that their sick or do not like the food you are feeding it.

no, the baby will just feed off of your body. Like your fat then your muscle. DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It could not only hurt you, but hurt the baby, because the baby will be born small and sick

Crickets and meal worms from a pet store initially; (1) chick will devour 100s of crickets thus buying bulk online is affordable and having them on hand makes rescuing the birds doable. A temporary alternate; boiled eggs mashed and served via bigger syringe with the needle removed.

You have to feed him milk three to four times a day and feed your baby fruit pulp and rice cereal three times a day to stay healthy. The food proportion varies from baby to baby according to their built and weight

Your turtle can eat feeder fish.

you can feed a baby duck with bread and fish.

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

If the mother rat dies then you should try to feed them. You can feed them soymilk for 2-4 weeks and then they open their eyes and start eating solid food.

You should feed them aquatic turtle food, such as Reptomin Floating Food Sticks.

no,slider turtles have fixed tongues but no saliva for that reason they must eat inside water

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