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What do you feed a mouse?

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You can feed them a variety of things.

Go to your local petshop, or supermarkets, & you can pick up a bag of Finch/Budgie/Small bird seed mix, add some plain rolled oats, & a handful of dry puppy food. Mix it all together & there's a standard dry mix.

Some mice will just pick out their favourite bits, but this can be over come by feeding just enough that all will be eaten.

You can also give them veggies scraps such as cooked potato, broccoli, carrot, peas, corn & pumpkin are usually safe. Lettuce is good too, but can give them runny bums if too much. Fruits like apples & Pears, bananas, strawberries, rockmelon & watermelon are usually enjoyed too. Don't feed them citrus or tomatoes, or cabbage.

2009-10-31 12:54:50
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Q: What do you feed a mouse?
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What owl do you feed the mouse on poptropica?

You feed the owl the robotic mouse that is in the castle

Can you feed a little grey country mouse black crickets?

. It will not harm the mouse unless you over feed the crickets. If it is a pet mouse then feed it only as much as 15 crickets a day. If it is a wild mouse then feed it only just 10 crickets a day. Because if you feed a wild mouse too much then it will depend on you and later die.

Does a mouse feed young with milk?

Yes. A mouse is a mammal. All mammals feed their young on milk.

What food do you feed a mouse?

Mouse food. They like cheese.

On astroknights poptropica how do you get the mouseowl to follow you?

Firs, feed the mouse the moldy cheese from the dungeon. Then feed the mouse to the owl.

How do you feed a newborn mouse?

You can feed it using an eyedrop bottle.

What do you do after you feed the mechanical owl on poptropica?

Feed him with the mouse that you caught

How do baby mouse feed?

They feed by drinking milk from their mother.

How often do you feed a wild baby mouse?

it depends what type of mouse it is

How do you feed the mechanical mouse in poptropica?

Get the cheese from the dungeon and use it on the mouse

Can you feed mouse bread?

Yes, you can feed a mouse bread, but do not make bread the only thing it eats. Bread is not a complete and balanced diet. Your mouse will not do well on bread, and might get sick and die. Go to a pet store, or go online and shop for "mouse feed," mouse chow," or "small rodent food."

What to feed a 4 month old mouse?

Mouse food such as mouse/rat lab blocks or seed mix.

Where do you put the mechanical mouse on Astro Knights Island?

Get the cheese from the castle dungeon and feed the mouse. Later, when you have opened the underground lab, feed the mouse to the robot owl Merlin, so that he will follow you.

How can you feed baby mice?

The mother mouse does!

Can the male mouse feed the baby mice?


What do you feed pregnant mice?

Mouse food.

Can you feed a mouse carrots?

no they will choke on it and die

Can you feed a baby mouse evaporated milk?


Can you feed a live mouse to a pet ferret?


What do young wild mice eat I found a young injured wild mouse What does it eat and how do I feed it?

There are many things you could feed a wild mouse. You could feed it alfalfa and see if it will eat it.

Can you feed a baby mouse cow milk?

You don't. Cow milk is not good for a baby mouse. You can buy kitten or puppy formula and feed it to the mouse with a syringe. Call your local pet store and ask what they recommend.

Can mouse eat pizza?

You shouldn't feed pizza to a mouse, it has a lot of fat in it and it can make it sick.

Why do fleas and mouse live together?

fleas feed on their host( mouse) for their blood. the mouse may not know it is there until it has been bitten.

What does the mother mouse feed their young?

milk from their breasts

Can you feed a new born mouse diluted milk?