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What do you feed a wild garden snake?

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if you can not provide mice, you can feed it about three small worms twice weekly. how much it will eat depends on the temperature it is stored in.

2008-07-28 23:07:31
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What to feed a garden snake?

We need to know what species of snake to answer this question.

What do you feed a baby garden snake?

Pinky mice.

Can you feed a garden snake earth worms?

If by 'garden snake' you meant Garter Snake (Genus Thamnophis) - then yes. Worms are part of their natural diet.

Can you feed a wild rat snake a pinkie?

No, but you could feed it a rat.......

Do you feed garden snakes corn?

NO ! There are no vegetarian snakes ! Additionally, there is NO such species as a 'Garden' snake !

What do you feed a baby Garden snake over night?

Pinky Mice.

What can i feed a wild baby snake..I don't know the species?

any small mammal will do. it depends on the size of the snake.

What does a garden snake eat?

A garden snake eat mice

What does a garden snake look like?

There is no such species as a 'garden snake'

How long can a garden snake live without food and water?

how long is a garden snake

What are garden snakes?

it is a snake a harmless snake

What is the scientific name of a garden snake?

There is no such recognised species as a 'garden snake' - a Garter snake on the other hand - is Thamnophis sirtalis

what would you feed a baby snake?

small mice

How can you tell if its a garden snake or not?

View the picture below to see what a garden snake looks like.

What do garden snakes drink?

Garden snake drink water like any other snake.

Should you feed your corn snake live or dead mice?

All snakes in the wild only eat alive rats or mice usually they wont even notice dead mice You should feed your snake with alive mice to maintain the snake`s instinct for killing pray to eat

Where is a garden snake's habitat?

There's no such species as a 'garden snake' - it's a GARTER snake ! (Genus -Thamnophis)

When should you feed your garden snail?

Garden snails should be feed in the night.

is there poison in a garden snake bite?

There is no poison in the bite of a garden snake. This snake is actually known as the garter snake and is considered to be very helpful in controlling rodents and bugs in gardens.

How often will you have to feed my snake?

I feed my snake every Tuesday. I have a lavender corn snake. We go to our local Reptile store for a fuzzy.

Are garden snakes invertebrate?

The actual name of a "garden snake" is a "garter snake." And no, they are not invertebrates. All snakes have vertebrae.

How many times a day do you feed a snake?

In the wild most snakes do not eat all that often, so to semi-duplicate their wild environment a feeding once a week will suffice. If you feed reptiles too often they grow too fast for their skeletons to keep up. This tends to make their bones weak. What kind of snake are you feeding ?

What wild animal begins with the letter G and ends with E?

Galapagos DoveGalapagos TortoiseGarden SnakeGarter SnakeGazelleGeeseGiraffeGoldeneyeGooseGrackle (Blackbird)Grebe

What can a garden grow?

You can garden fruits, mushrooms and vegetables to feed yourself. You can garden to produce flowers and shrubs that look beautiful. You can garden to feed butterflies and birds.

Is the grass snake a wild snake?

Yes all breads of snakes where originally wild snakes even if you get a captive bred snake.