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What do you feed your dog who ate spoiled fish?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-19 03:17:03

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Let him outside to eat grass this will help.

2007-06-19 03:17:03
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Can you feed a dog spoiled chicken if it is boiled?

It's not a good idea to feed anyone (including a dog) spoiled meat in any form. It could make them very sick.

Can you feed your new glow fish the same food you fed your betta fish?

I think so because that what i gave my fish when our dog stole and ate the tropical fish flakes and there fine so yeah probably

Is it okay to feed a dog a raw hot dog?

My dog ate one and after wards she was OK.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger overweight?

Hes as big as a horse that's ate a pig and that pig ate a dog and the dog ate a cat and the cat ate a fish and the fish ate a spider and the spider at a fly and the little old lady said why did i eat a fly!

What is the name of Kit Carson's family cat?

There once was a cat named dog. Then dog ate a cat. The cat was named fish. But before fish died he ate a fish. The fish was named hippo and before he died he ate a hippo. It was a big hippo bro.

Is it ok to feed your dog fish?


Is it okay to feed fish to dogs?

no it is not but it depends on the dog and on the type of fish

What if your dog ate fish food flakes?

it wouls e weird Littleuni: I would not be suprised if my dog ate fish food. He eats just about anything, but it would be more likely my cat would be eating the fish food and not the actual fish.

Can you feed my dog some minced fish sticks along with their food?

Yes, you can feed your dog minced fish sticks. Just be sure to get some proper food for them soon. Your dog can live on fish sticks, but it is not a healthy diet for him.

Can you feed spoiled chicken to a dog?

Feeding a dog any spoiled meat is likely to make the dog sick. Also, chicken bones should never be fed to a dog either. The hollow bones tend to splinter and the sharp pieces could stick in the dog's throat.

What would happen if your dog ate smoked fish?

he will be very happy :]

Can a dog catch diarrhea from a human?

No. Not unless say the food was spoiled and gave you food poisoning and the dog ate the same thing but not it's not contagious or anything like that.

How did Greg's fish die in diary of a wimpy kid dog days?

Rodricks pet fish ate it

What happens when you feed your dog marijuana butter?

When my dog ate marijuana butter he got so high ! Funnny stuff!

What to give a dog that ate chemicals?

A ride to the veterinarians. If you know what the dog ate or drank, call the vet. They can tell you whether to make the dog throw up or what to feed it. But if you don't want it to die, get professional help.

What do you do if your dog ate a jalapeno pepper?

give it watter and here is a thought dont feed it one

What ate the dog?

You ate the dog!

What happens when you feed your dog fish?

Nothing bad happens when you feed your dog fish as long as it is properly cooked. Also, make sure that all the bones are removed because they can cause digestive issues.

Are labradors supposed to be spoiled?

no you are in control of your dog. if you got it from a breeder it probally got spoiled there. or you spoiled it.

Does a dog eat a chicken if it is not fed?

It could happen it happen to me once when i forgot to feed my dog for 2 days and it ate my chicken and chicks

Do dogs die went they eat fish?

No if they were wild then they would have ate fish. BUT IT DOES DEPEND ON THE TYPE OF FISH AND THE TYPE OF DOG. i RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON'T TRY IT.

Dog ate fish bones?

Fish bones are usually very small and soft (as they are cartilagenous) so it should pass through the dog without causing any problems.

My Pug ate fish out of garbage will he get sick?

its hard to say but i'd say no because he shouldn't get sick from eating a fish and our dog gets into are gabage all the time and he's fine so that's my opinionMAY......BE........ You shouldn't feed your cute little pug fish. Ask your local vet.++

How sick can a dog get after they eat a chocolate cookie?

A dog doent get very sick cuz I once fed one to my dog and nothing happened how cruel is that? why would you feed your dog a chocolate chip cookie on purpose?? anyways it really depends on the dog. my friends dog ate one before we found out and he didnt get sick at all, but my other friends dog at some chocolate and started coughing like hell (P.S.~ to correct it, I didn't feed my dog chocolate cookie. My dog got on the table and she ate my cookie)

Should you feed your dog if he vomits?

you should feed your dog things such as rice chicken pasta fish things like that we had a few of our dogs like that but we tried this for about a week and it worked try it and see how your dog gets on.