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The total of all of your GROSS WORLDWIDE INCOME would be your GROSS INCOME that will be reported on your 1040 federal income tax return.

That is every amount that is income to you for the tax year.

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Q: What do you file on your US income tax form -- gross or true gross income?
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Gross pay is equal to your salary minus any automatic (non-taxable) deductions such as health insurace and 401K deductions. True Gross pay equals your total salary. Example: An employee gets paid $10 per hour and works for 40 hours. They also have insurance and 401K deductions of a total of $49.80 automatically deducted. Gross pay = $ 350.20 (40 x $10.00 - $49.80) True Gross pay = $400.00 (40 x $10.00)

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Corporations must file Federal tax returns every year, regardless of income or loss. The same is true in most states.

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